Past Programs

November 2022

Trophy Fishing with Sophia Huynh and Kevin Boyle

In 2006 Sophia Huynh and Kevin Boyle started rock fishing out of the Channel Islands and so began their love of fishing.  From fresh water bass in Calabasas Lake to giant… Watch the program here!

Journalism in Central Africa and Giant Rat Enabled Landmine Clearance with Andrew McGregor

Andrew McGregor comes to the club to share some of his experiences teaching citizen and community journalism in Central Africa and how that lead to his work creating wearable interspecies… Watch the program here!

2022 Annual Business Meeting 2nd Session

Agenda Approval of Minutes of the First Session Secretary's Report Treasurer's Report President’s Report Appointment of Election Tellers Bylaw Propositions (Voting) Nominating Committee Report Election of Officers and Directors Report… Watch the program here!

October 2022

Member Showcase

The Member Showcase is a special program where members bring in artifacts or other items from their adventures and briefly talk about the adventure and object. If you want to… Watch the program here!

The Essence and Spirit of Adventure with Pierre Odier

Pierre Odier returns to the club to share his wisdom and reflections and adventures from a life lived as one of the great explorers of our time. Pierre is a… Watch the program here!

Fighting Illegal Grows on Public Lands with LT John Nores

As a 28-year veteran special operations game warden and co-founder and team leader for California Dept of Fish and Wildlife’s Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and CDFW’s first sniper unit (Delta… Watch the program here!

September 2022

Survival Skills and Self Reliance with Christopher Nyerges

Christopher Nyerges was always interested in living in nature. He was fascinated with people like the Amish and Native Americans who actually did it. After high school, Christopher moved to… Watch the program here!

Three Winters in the South Pole Discussion and Book Signing with Wayne White

Winter owns most of the year at the South Pole, starting in mid-February and ending in early November. Total darkness lasts for months, temperatures can drop below -100 degrees Fahrenheit,… Watch the program here!

Japanese Good Luck Flags and 1000 Stitch Belts with Dr. Michael Bortner

Dr. Michael Bortner, an adventure traveler and shipwreck scuba diver, first became interested in Japanese “Good Luck” signed flags more than fifty years ago, when he was young. He will share… Watch the program here!

The Business Case for More Outdoor Adventure with Knight Campbell

Over the last five years, Knight and his team have built Cairn Leadership Strategies, where they connect the business world to the power of outdoor adventure. In this presentation Knight… Watch the program here!

August 2022

Evading the KGB with Sheet Music with Merryl Goldberg

Not all activists march in rallies or carry picket signs. In Merryl Goldberg's case, she carried a soprano saxophone and a music notebook. Merryl Goldberg will share her story of… Watch the program here!

Combat Surgery with Dr. Richard Stenes

Dr. Richard Stenes served for 2 years with the Navy and Marines while being a battalion surgeon during the Vietnam War. Later, he practiced 15 years of cruise ship medicine… Watch the program here!

Migrant Caravans from Central America with Ilse Fernandez and Xiomara

Why are so many Central Americans fleeing in masses forming Caravans and what’s really happening to asylum seekers at the border? Documentarian Ilse Fernandez and asylum seeker Xiomara come to… Watch the program here!

Solo Motorcycle Overlanding on the Baja Peninsula with Scott McQueen

Scott McQueen had dreams of traveling the world unsupported and solo on a motorcycle, inspired by motorcycle overlanders like Elspeth Beard, Ted Simon, and Sam Manicom. However the realities of… Watch the program here!

July 2022

Surviving a Shark Attack and Becoming a Shark Advocate with Maria Korcsmaros

On Memorial Day, May 29th in 2016 Maria got attacked by a great white shark at Corona Del Mar State beach. Miraculously she was rescued and survived to tell her story… Watch the program here!

Horse Racing in Mongolia with Hugh Cummings

  As an odd start to the story: In 2014, two months after a cross country motorcycle trip, Hugh had a vehicular accident that pinned his arm under his car… Watch the program here!

SCUBA Diving with Stewart Deats

Stewart Deats comes to the club to share some of his SCUBA adventures from diving with great white sharks to seeking out giant lobsters at night...and much, much more!Watch the program here!

Lasers, Fire, and Robots with Brent Bushnell

Brent Bushnell comes to the club to discuss the rollicking ride running Los Angeles’ own Two Bit Circus.  From raining tequila clouds and fireball dunk tanks to a traveling carnival… Watch the program here!

June 2022

Saving Lives in Libya and World Record Bicycle Rides with Dean Stott

Dean Stott is a former soldier in the Special Boat Service (SBS). His military career was ended by a parachuting accident in 2011. Then, he quickly transitioned to the private… Watch the program here!

Subterranean Ghosts: India’s Vanishing Stepwells with Victoria Lautman

India’s palaces, forts, temples, and tombs are on every tourist itinerary and in every guidebook. But the country’s magnificent subterranean stepwells remain largely unknown both within and outside the country.… Watch the program here!

Urban Hiking with Robert Inman

What’s all this about urban hiking? Where do you do it? Why do you do it? This is an illustrated conversation about Bob Inman’s passion for foot travel as the… Watch the program here!

Underwater Ancient Clock Salvaging to Modern Robotics with Chris Weisbart

Mr. Weisbart comes to the club to discuss his expedition recovering an ancient Greek clock containing innovations that inform robotics today.Watch the program here!

Food Adventures with the Māori and Beyond with Nyesha Arrington

Chef Nyesha J. Arrington comes to the club to share some of her culturally-immersed culinary adventures! She has been in love with the kitchen since cooking alongside her Grandmother at… Watch the program here!

May 2022

Dinosaurs of the Deep: Expedition Flag #127 with Alec Shumate

In July of 2021, Alec Shumate #1210 joined a team of Explorers Club divers and researchers conducting a multi-disciplinary expedition along the reefs and deep within the undersea trenches surrounding… Watch the program here!

Practicing and Teaching Medicine in Mongolia with Dr. David Warburton OBE

For the past two decades, David Warburton has devoted significant effort to global health, to understand and intervene in policy on the impact of air pollution and its effects across… Watch the program here!

Creatively Financing Adventure: How the State Dept. Helped Fund A Motorcycle Trip to Spain with Craig Caryl

Craig Caryl undertook his first cross US trip at age 4 which left him with a love of the unknown and the unpredictable life of the extreme traveler gone for… Watch the program here!

Kathryn Linehan about Her Father David Chase Linehan – Member #977 of the Adventurers' Club

"It has been said that working for the federal government at the highest levels has become akin to that of marrying King Henry VIII – it’s great to be asked,… Watch the program here!

April 2022

Becoming a Blind Magician with Chad Allen

Chad Allen is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who happens to be blind. He is the creator of the Audio comic UNSEEN which premiered at the Exploratorium Museum in San… Watch the program here!

Lessons Enforcing Mid East No Fly Zones in the 90s Applied to Ukraine with David McAlexander

Well-meaning world leaders are pushing for a NATO enforced “No Fly Zone” to help struggling Ukrainian forces. A NFZ would keep the Russian Air Force from picking off the Ukrainians… Watch the program here!

Fighter Jets and Augmented Reality with Nick Bićanić

Nick Bićanić is coming to discuss fighter jets and augmented reality and what he has done with both of them! He is a helicopter pilot and a ski and windsurfing… Watch the program here!

March 2022

Lifting Stones to find Strength and Sovereignty with Liefia Ingalls

Liefia Ingalls spent her childhood feeling physically and emotionally isolated from the world. The sense of self that developed was one of a loner and an outsider. Struggling to form… Watch the program here!

Horn of Africa Travels with Bill Altaffer

Last September, Bill Altafar went to Ethiopia and into the Omo Valley for my 6th trip to the country. There we discovered various tribes with contrasting cultures. Next to Harare… Watch the program here!

Putin and the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine with James Biesterfeld

James Biesterfeld has had a fulfilling and colorful career. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Jim graduated with a BA in Education from Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois. … Watch the program here!

Champion Kickboxing and Cowboying with Charles Bisset

Charles Bisset grew up off-grid in the Valhalla mountains of British Columbia, Canada for the first 17 years of his life. His father was raised on a dude ranch which… Watch the program here!

Conservation Working Safari in South Africa

In September 2021, ACLA Member Alan Feldstein (owner of Infinite Safari Adventures) organized a unique Safari for veterinarian and expert wildlife photographer Dr. Carl Palazzolo (Dr. P) to give him… Watch the program here!

February 2022

Serving in the Marines at Guantanamo after 9/11 with Tony Lugo

When remembering the first time the detainees arrived, Tony can’t help but recall the wide variety of personalities that ranged from the defiant to the incredibly scared. There were detainees… Watch the program here!

Dying to Tell the Story with Kathy and Dan Eldon

Kathy’s life has been, and continues to be, one of reinvention and transformation. Leaving behind her conservative Iowa roots, Kathy graduated from Wellesley College, married an Englishman, and moved to… Watch the program here!

Grassroots Veteran Suicide Prevention in the US and Mexico with Margarita Reyes

Margarita Reyes is the sister of Elias Reyes Jr. Elias who served with Second Battalion, Seventh Marines (2004-2008). In April 2014, Elias lost his life to suicide. Since then, Margarita… Watch the program here!

World Record Stone Lifts and the Pursuit of Peak Performance with Logan Gelbrich

The beginning was very specific: become a Major League Baseball player. The path to attempts such a specific, lofty goal led Logan through a winding road from big home runs… Watch the program here!

January 2022

Teaching in Iraqi Kurdistan with David Torstenson

In 2005, at the height of the Iraq War, David Torstenson relocated to Iraqi Kurdistan to take a teaching position at an English-speaking school. He lived and worked in the… Watch the program here!

Family Expedition to Africa with the Angelos Family

Mark Angelos first went to Africa as an adult and then wanted his children to experience the natural beauty and exotic nature of Africa while they were still young. Last… Watch the program here!

From Mercenaries to the Metaverse with Nick Bićanić

Pics or it didn't happen. It's a millennial thing. We get it. We all want photo evidence to prevent the latter day Walter Mitty from overtaking our memories. The wave… Watch the program here!

Off-Road Racing with Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is a fire captain with CALFIRE and he started off-road desert racing in 2006.  His first race was the SCORE Baja 1000 in Baja California Mexico. His team… Watch the program here!

December 30, 2021- Wishing you all a great New Year's and looking forward to seeing you in 2022!
December 16, 2021- 2021 President's Holiday Party
December 9, 2021- Exploring Chernobyl with Mike Clark
December 2, 2021- The Art of Field Collecting in Papua New Guinea with Michael Hamson
November 18, 2021- Carry on up the Khyber with Kevin Martin
November 11, 2021- Shipboard Lifestyles Across Time with Linda Abrams
November 4, 2021- 2021 Annual Business Meeting- Second Session
October 28, 2021- Little Steps, Big Feat: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World with Polly Letofsky
October 21, 2021- Here, There be Dragons! with Jim Dorsey
October 14, 2021- Spartan Games Declare Robert Owens "The Fittest and Mentally Toughest 66 year-old in the World" with Robert Owens
October 7, 2021- 2021 Annual Business Meeting- First Session
September 30, 2021- Early Organized Crime in Los Angeles with Dr. J. Michael Niotta
September 25, 2021- SOLD OUT! - 4th Annual Tiki Night at The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles - SOLD OUT!
September 16, 2021- The Roswell UFO Crash; What are the Undeniable Truths? with Donald R. Schmitt
September 9, 2021- Paid in Stories and Scars; The Life of a Circus Clown with Alex Barney
September 2, 2021- Mountaineering: Risk and Rescue with Dylan Kilby
August 26, 2021- Mad Mike Hughes: The Flat Earther Daredevil Rocketeer Who Reached for the Stars with Justin Chapman
August 19, 2021- Ultimate Africa: On Safari with Rich Abele
August 12, 2021- Ball's Bluff with Michael Oddenino
August 5, 2021- Finding Shangri-La with Ted Vaill
July 29, 2021- Ends of the Earth: Documenting the spread and impact of Christianity with David Coonradt
July 22, 2021- Three Winters at the South Pole with Wayne White
July 15, 2021- Misadventures in Southeast Asia with Ken Hudson
July 8, 2021- Flying the SR-71 Blackbird with Buz Carpenter
July 1, 2021- Ms. Adventure with Jess Phoenix
June 24, 2021- An insight into Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch Action Shooting with Mark Romano
June 17, 2021- Lost City of the Monkey God with Steve Elkins
June 12, 2021- California's Gold with Huell Howser
June 10, 2021- Caribbean Reef Life with Mickey Charteris
June 5, 2021- Saving Private Ryan (1998)
June 3, 2021- Sinatra’s Tailor with Mark Thompson
May 29, 2021- Free Solo (2018)
May 27, 2021- Retracing the Footsteps of a World War I Photographer with John Heinsen
May 22, 2021- Zulu (1964)
May 20, 2021- West Africa’s Voodoo Vibes and More with Elisa Kotin
May 15, 2021- The Right Stuff (1983)
May 13, 2021- Cold War and Cold Water with Dr. Robert Williscroft
May 6, 2021- My Life as a Crash Test Dummy in Antarctica with Jeff Bozanic
April 29, 2021- Building Swimming Pools and Relationships in the Arctic Circle with Paul Graves
April 22, 2021- Explorers of the Far West: The Mountain Men with Roger McGrath
April 15, 2021- Treasure Hunting and Archeology with Bryan Kresie
April 8, 2021- On the Road to Uncover an Extraordinary Holocaust Survival Story with Michael Nelson
April 1, 2021- A Life Aquatic with Kim McCoy
March 25, 2021- Cambodia's Legacy with Bill Morse
March 18, 2021- Strange Technology with Joe Valencic
March 11, 2021- Running Across the USA with Type 1 Diabetes with Don Muchow
March 4, 2021- Spy Pilot: Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversial Cold War Legacy with Francis Gary Powers, Jr
February 25, 2021- Atlas Obscura with Dylan Thuras
February 18, 2021- Serpent Handlers of Appalachia with Eric Streit
February 11, 2021- Motorcycling in Myanmar with Ken Freund
February 6, 2021- Saving Jaws with Cristina Zenato
February 4, 2021- Adventure on the Devil's Road with Todd Bruce
January 28, 2021- The Orangutans of Borneo with Carl Palazzolo, DVM
January 21, 2021- Avoiding Regret: Treading the Offbeat Path in Deceivingly Familiar Territory with Sandi Hemmerlein
January 14, 2021- Saving the Giraffes of Northern Kenya with Jenna Stacy-Dawes
January 7, 2021- Discovering an Ancient Egyptian IKEA Manual with Greg Downing
December 10, 2020- An Artist's Adventures in Gyotaku with Dwight Hwang
December 3, 2020- Haitian Vodou with Mike Clark
November 19, 2020- LIVING IN SPACE: How Space Stations Have Blazed the Path to Settling Space with Rod Pyle
November 12, 2020- Scott Warner- Dredging Northern Alaska
November 5, 2020- Annual Business Meeting: Session 2
October 22, 2020- Hiking the AT and More as a Type 1 Diabetic with Rich Mayfield
October 15, 2020- Running for My Life in North Korea with Jay Nunn
October 8, 2020- Journey to the Adventurers' Club with Reymundo Perez
October 1, 2020- Annual Business Meeting: Session 1
September 24, 2020- From Cairo to Capetown on Bike with Quincy Lee
September 17, 2020- Paddling Down the Mekong River in Cambodia with Leon Shoenfeld
September 10, 2020- Lost Tales and Mysteries with Dave Finnern
September 3, 2020- Deep into the Amazon with Alec Shumate
August 27, 2020- Herding Reindeer with the Nenets with Matt Allison
August 20, 2020- In Search of Beringia and Devil's Island with Pierre Odier
August 13, 2020- Alaskan Dogsled Expeditions with Phoebe Piper
August 6, 2020- From Lawyer to African Safari Operator with Alan Feldstein
July 30, 2020- Tomorrow's Air Museum with Robin Petgrave
July 23, 2020- Flying the U-2 Spyplane with Rob "Skid" Rowe
July 16, 2020- Flying the Most Feared Warplane with Troy Johnson
July 9, 2020- From Fighter Pilot to Test Pilot with Col. Hank Reed
July 2, 2020- Filming Legendary Locations with Eric Streit
June 25, 2020- World's Most Traveled Person with Bill Altaffer
June 18, 2020- Below the Surface with Andre Navarro
June 11, 2020- A 3 Year Trek Around the World with Kevin Lee
June 4, 2020- Expeditions and Advocacy with Jim Dorsey
May 28, 2020- Summer Vacation in Northern Iraq and Pakistan with Marc Weitz
May 21, 2020- Adventures of a Deep-Sea Explorer with Richard Slater
May 14, 2020- Being the Adventure with Mike Escamilla
May 7, 2020- Chuck Jonkey's Exotic Worlds and Sonic Safaris
April 30, 2020- Earthwalk 2019 and the We Are Mother Earth Initiative with Jenny Carrington
April 23, 2020- Misadventures in the Ancient Himalayan Kingdoms with Kendall Hudson
April 16, 2020- Classic Adventure with Rob Quist
April 9, 2020- Bryan Kresie- Bagging Local Peaks
April 2, 2020- Buying a Sailboat with Matt Nadu
March 26, 2020- Diving Southern California with Stew Deats
March 19, 2020- Inaugural Broadcast
March 5, 2020- Robert Owens- Adventure, Endurance and Mental Toughness
February 27, 2020- SOLD OUT! 3rd Annual Tiki Night- In The Footsteps of Karl von den Steinen
February 13, 2020- Paul Pfau- Ghosts of Everest's Past
February 6, 2020- Courtney Gillenwater- Both Sides of the Fence
January 30, 2020- Mad Mike Hughes- More Adventures with Rocket Man
January 25, 2020- Movie Night - Ice Station Zebra
January 23, 2020- Cheri Hunter- Tibet Adventures in the Eastern Grasslands: Festivals, Fairs, and Rituals
January 16, 2020- George Retelas- Eleven: The Story of 11 Men From Air Group 11
January 9, 2020- Jeffery Goddard- Growing Up With The Real Life Indiana Jones
December 12, 2019- President's Annual Christmas Party
December 5, 2019- Quincy Lee- Cairo to Cape Town by Bicycle
November 21, 2019- Member Showcase: Short Stories and Artifacts Presented by our Members
November 14, 2019- Bobby Green: Vintage Auto Racing

November 7, 2019– Annual Business Meeting– Second Session

November 2, 2019- 2019 Night of High Adventure at the Bowers Museum

October 24, 2019- Matt Kresling: The Madagascar Journals

October 17, 2019- Pierre Odier: Adventures in Southern Nepal and Bangladesh

October 10, 2019- Dawson Bloom: Scottish Archeology

September 12, 2019- Jim McEachen: Beyond Everest- Adventures in the Lesser-Known Himalaya

September 5, 2019– Andrew Medina: A Tryst in Triage (On Fingering the Afflictions of Paraguay)

August 29, 2019 – Alec Shumate: Summer Fury: Combat Art with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

August 22, 2019- Jake Roberts: Kayaking Uganda and Climbing Mt. Kenya

August 15, 2019– Franky Ortega: Jumping into Normandy– 75 Years Later

August 8, 2019– John Grasson: The Lost Ships of the Desert

August 1, 2019– Evan Bozanic 1173:Rebreathers in Diving, Aviation, and Submarines

July 25, 2019– Man’s First Landing on the Moon!

July 18, 2019- Kate Liszka: Exploring the Amethyst Mines of Pharaoh

June 13, 2019- Dean Torrance: The Adventures of Jan and Dean

June 27, 2019- Greg Downing: Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, China

June 20, 2019- David Veeneman: Mutiny on the Bounty: Fact or Fiction?

June 6, 2019- 75th Anniversary of D-Day: With stories from our members.

May 30, 2019- Richard Higbie: Blimping and Ballooning in the 1950s and ‘60s

May 23, 2019- Alec Shumate: Forbidden Frontier- The Matis Tribe of the Brazilian Amazon and a Field Report from a Flagged Expedition

May 16, 2019- Members Showcase: Short Stories From Several Members

May 9, 2019- Neil Mandt: Augmented Reality

May 2, 2019- Scott Warner: Prospecting the USA

April 27, 2019- Steve Elkins: The Lost City of the Monkey God

April 25, 2019- Allan Smith: The Marine Raider Memorial March

April 18, 2019- Alec Shumate:Paddling Down the Mekong River in Cambodia

April 11, 2019- Elisa Kotin: The Best of Seven Continents

April 4, 2019- Lance Miller: Leadership Lessons from Ernest Shackleton

March 28, 2019- Christoper Bartlett: Papua New Guinea – Above and Below

March 21, 2019- Second Annual Tiki Night

March 14, 2019- Archaeologist Brian Fagan: The Attacking Ocean

March 7, 2019- Alan Feldstein: Saving Cheetahs!

February 28, 2019- Linda Abrams: The First Women to Fly

February 21, 2019- Katherine Partain: Leading Nuclear Audits

February 14, 2019- Matterhorn

February 7, 2019- Mad Man Mike Hughes: Rocketman!

January 31, 2019- Chuck Jonkey: The 1937 film “Forbidden Adventure in Angkor”

January 24, 2019- Jim Biesterfield: Mommy Dearest

January 17, 2017- Karen Heath Clark: Sailing The Mediterranean

January 10, 2019- Col. Greg Raths, USMC (ret.): Nine Lives as a Fighter Pilot

January 3, 2019- Michael Lawler: Cruising to Yemen Through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea

December 13, 2018
Rick Bartow Retrospective
By Dr. Amy Scott
Things You Know But Cannot Explain

December 20, 2018
ACLA President’s Holiday Party

November 29, 2018
An Open Night
Doug Westfall
The Pan Am China Clipper

December 6, 2018
An Open Night
Don Ray
 Did the U.S. Army fire and detonate
a nuclear artillery round in Laos or Vietnam late in 1968? 

November 8, 2018
A Member Night
Scott Warner 1184
Dredging the Bering Sea for Gold

November 15, 2018
An Open Night
Steve Kaye
The Next Adventure

November 22, 2018

November 1, 2018
Professor Kate Liszka
King Tut
Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

October 27, 2018- Night of High Adventure

An Open Night – Members and All Guests Welcome
A Celebration of the Life and Contributions of
Shane Berry, ACLA Member 1093

October 11, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Decoding the Mystery of the Designs on Mimbres Pottery
Ancient Pueblos Culture in New Mexico
Speakers Tony Berlant and Evan Maurer

Curators of the Mimbres Exhibit at LACMA and authors of the book on the Exhibition
Referred by David Hayen, Esq.,1203

September 27, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Wayne White 1194
Chief of South Pole Station
This – Is – Gonna’ – Be – AWESOME!

October 4, 2018
Gentlemen’s Night
Membership Meeting

September 13, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Sid Hallburn 1125
Self Defense Tips for Women

September 6, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
An ACLA and Explorer’s Club Night
Pierre Odier 988
Remote Corners of Gujarat India 2017

For members of both clubs and their guests.

August 30, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Lynn Redman 1198
A midwestern rancher tours India in 1993; can’t get a decent steak anywhere…

August 16, 2018
A Ladie’s Night
Teddy Roosevelt
John Ashbaugh

August 23, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Dr. Milton Love
 Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, UC, Santa Barbara

August 9, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Jeff Holmes 1146
SE Asia WAY off the beaten path

August 2, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
David McAlexander 1199
SAMs (Surface-to-Air Missiles)
Dodging Aerial Death from Vietnam to Desert Storm

July 12, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Marco Rocchio
The Story of Coffee from Ethiopia to Guatemala 

Referred by David Hayen, Esq.,1203

July 19, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Dave Finnern
Member 1065
Sunken Mysteries Of The West

June 28,
A Ladies’ Night
Justin Chapman
Traveling from Capetown to Kampala in Search of an African Utopia

June 21, 2018

A Ladies’ Night
Dr. Megan O’Neil
Associate Curator LACMA
New Discoveries at the Pyramids in the Ancient City of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Referred by David Hayen 1203

June 7, 2018

A Ladies’ Night
Valerie Lezin
Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum

Referred by David Hayen 1203

June 14, 2018
A Night Open To All
Robert Quist ACLA Member
Cuba 2010 and Again 2017

May 31, 2018

A Ladies’ Night
Yosemite NPS Firefighter
Larry Ypez
Bear Attack Survivor

May 24, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Dave Berman 1201
600 Years of the Universe Through Glass

From Galileo to Alvan Clark & Beyond

May 17, 2018
A Ladies’ Night – Everyone Welcome
I N  M E M O R I A M
Bob Silver 728

May 3, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Alec Shumate
The Vanishing Art of Travel Sketching

May 10, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Nick Ut
From Hell to Hollywood

Interview by Mark Edward Harris

April 26, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Ed Reynolds
200 Countries and Driven 1953 MG in 48 States

April 19, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Rich Mayfield
Hiking the Appalachian Trail from Florida to Maine, Part 1

April 12, 2018

A Ladies’ Night
Phyllis Hansen
The Art of Pioneering:
Paintings and Tales of Early California

April 5, 2018

A Gentlemens’ Night
Andy Medina
Clash of Giants – Cold War Espionage

March 29, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Kendall Hudson
Tiki Culture in a Coconut Shell

March 22, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Rusty Nelson
Storm Chasing and Image Mastery

March 15, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Eric Drummond
Giant Rubies Discovered in Greenland

March 8, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
The King of Redonda, Michael Lawler Member 1195
Spanish Discovery of Hawaii before Capt. Cook

March 1, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Member Showcase
Bring an Object that Relates to an Adventure.

February 22, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Casey Sheppard
7 Life Lessons from Solo Traveling

February 15, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
“Hot Rod” Kurtz, Navy Aviator
First Night of War
Or, ejecting from a damaged jet over ocean

February 8, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Brian Kresie 1186
Bang Bang!Ft. Irwin National Training Center preparing troops to deploy overseas

February 1, 2018

A Ladies’ Night
Both ends of the frozen world
The Antarctic – Wayne White 1194
The Arctic – Francis Luta

January 25, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Natalie Gibb
Exploring Yucatan Underwater Caves

January 18, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Bill Altaffer 1095
B  U  L  G  A  R  I  A

January 11, 2018
A Ladies’ Night
Dr. Michelle Rich
Pre Columbian Archeology Discoveries in 7th Century Guatemala

January 4, 2018
A Gentlemen’s Night
Jay Foonberg 1126
Havana Cuba for Adventurers Club

July 13, 2017- Eric Streit #1166 - Catholic Sicilian Culture of Death

July 20, 2017- July 20 - Steven Wright - 21 Day Wilderness River Trip Down the Grand Canyon

July 27, 2017- Elisa Kotin - A Journey Through the Real Indonesia

August 3, 2017- Member Spotlight - The Awesome Members of ACLA

August 10, 2017- Andrea Donnellan - The Big One

August 17, 2017- T.J. Korst - Egyptology

August 24, 2017- August 24, 2017 – Transpac with Mike Lawler 1195 and Happy Birthday Bob Silver 728

August 31, 2017- Scott Tracy Griffin - Tarzan on Location

September 7, 2017- September 7, 2017 Yes a Ladies’ Night Erin Johnson Atlas Obscura Night

September 14, 2017- Eileen Finklestein - Remote Bolivia by Horseback

December 14, 2017
A Gentlemen’s Night
President’s Annual Holiday Celebration

November 30, 2017
A Ladies’ Night
Ken Corben
Creatures of Light
Deep Sea Science and Dives

December 7, 2017
A Ladie’s Night
Dave Rader
Theodore Roosevelt

November 9, 2017
A Ladie’s Night
Barbara Schultz
How Amelia Earhart financed her flying

November 16, 2017
A Ladies’ Night
Terrence Finnegan
A Delicate Affair on the Western Front

November 23, 2017
Club Dark

November 2, 2017
A Gentleman’s Night
Showcase of the Awesome Members

Club General Business Meeting Precedes Program

October 12, 2017
A Ladie’s Night
Ken Freund 1046
Motorcycles Across Russia

October 19, 2017
A Gentlemen’s Night
Member Spotlight
Plus Rabbi Shifren
International Masters Ocean Championships

A Non-Club Event
Sunday, October 22, 2017
International Masters – Ocean Championships
At Duke’s of Huntington Beach

September 21, 2017
Marthe Cohen
A Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany

Referred by Steve Bein 1057

September 28, 2017
Shane Berry 1093
Ecuador and Galapagos
Independent Exploration

October 5, 2017
Allison Brown
Staying Fit for Adventure

The Adventurer’s Club thanks Martin Bloom 1147 for this speaker.

September 7, 2017
Erin Johnson 
Atlas Obscura Night

The Adventurers Club thanks Eric Steit 1166 for referring this speaker.

September 14, 2017
Eileen Finklestein
The Kindness of Strangers: A Travel through civilized and remote Bolivia

The Adventurers Club thanks Alan Feldstein 1094 for referring this speaker.

August 31, 2017
Scott Tracy Griffin
Tarzan on Location, Director of Special Projects – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

The Adventurers Club thanks Stewart Deats 1168 for referring this speaker.

August 17, 2017

TJ Korst – Egyptology: Fact/Myth

August 24, 2017
Bob Silver 728 Birthday Bash
– and  Transpac 2017 with Mike Lawler 1195 Mike and Barbara’s Exhilarating Sailing Race

August 10, 2017
Andrea Donnellan – The Big One

August 3, 2017
Member Spotlight – The Awesome Members of ACLA

July 27, 2017
Elisa Kotin – A Journey Through the Real Indonesia

July 20, 2017
Steven Wright – 21 Day Wilderness River Trip Down the Grand Canyon

July 13, 2017– Eric Streit #1166 – Catholic Sicilian Culture of Death