Revving Up: The Thrills and Challenges of Amateur Porsche Racing With David McAlexander

Meet David McAlexander, a seasoned presenter and an ardent Porsche racing aficionado, whose passion for the sport of amateur club racing has spanned three decades. Before diving headfirst into the adrenaline-pumping world of amateur Porsche racing, David led an adventurous life as a US Navy Flight Officer commuting to work via 100,000 ton Aircraft Carrier. An appetite for excitement and challenge made the hobby of club racing seem like a good way to “relax” on weekends.

David’s first-and-best love: 1973 Porsche 914 – still on track since 1989, only one crash requiring Rhinoplasty in 3 decades of amateur motorsports…

With a love for Porsche vehicles deeply ingrained in his heart, David boasts a remarkable collection of two stunning models that have become an extension of his identity on and off the track. Among them, he cherishes his cherished Porsche 928, a powerful and timeless machine that embodies elegance and performance in one sleek package that is currently ranked as the fastest 928 racing in the PCA’s CA/NV/AZ region. The second gem in his collection is a vintage 1973 Porsche 914, a classic beauty that started out as “the poor man’s disposable Porsche” (never race a car you can’t afford to wreck!), but now invokes a sense of nostalgia and admiration from fellow racing enthusiasts.

Gravitating to amateur competition racing against the clock and to Porsche vehicles due to their engineering excellence and ability to stand up to track stress with few modifications, over the years, David’s collection has grown to 4 and 1/2 models that have become an extension of his identity on and off the track, and whose price appreciation has beaten his 401k as an investment.

David’s class-winning Porche 928- the fastest car sold in America in 1983, ’cause smog laws excluded importing the V-12 Ferrari or Lamborghini…

David’s passion for Porsche club racing doesn’t stop at simply owning these marvelous machines. He ardently believes in sharing the exhilaration of the track with like-minded individuals who yearn for the same thrill but doubt that they could afford it.

On the night of the presentation, he plans to exhibit his 35 yr-old 928. All club members (and any guests who are licensed race drivers) will have the chance to take this automotive legend for a “spin” around the block. It’s a chance to experience the raw power, precision handling, and sheer beauty of a classic Porsche firsthand under the guidance of a true racing veteran.

Through the interview, David aims to offer a unique insight into the world of amateur Porsche racing, sharing his knowledge and experiences in how you can go club-racing with a budget that might surprise you. From heart-pounding moments on the track to the camaraderie that binds racers together, David’s engaging storytelling and genuine enthusiasm will undoubtedly inspire aspiring racers and seasoned veterans alike to go out and get their fingernails dirty playing with fun old cars that might even make you some money too!

Join us for an unforgettable evening, and maybe “go for a spin.”