Trophy Fishing with Sophia Huynh and Kevin Boyle

In 2006 Sophia Huynh and Kevin Boyle started rock fishing out of the Channel Islands and so began their love of fishing.  From fresh water bass in Calabasas Lake to giant Atlantic bluefin tuna they enjoy it all. They love to travel for fishing and have dropped a line in the waters of Alaska, Washington, New York, Baja and mainland Mexico, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Canada and of course their home state of California. Their big fish accomplishments are 244lb Pacific halibut (2012), 288lb Yellowfin tuna (2015), 148.6lb Pacific bluefin tuna (2015), an approximate 1200lb Atlantic bluefin tuna (2018), a 67.8lb yellowtail (2020). Kevin had the good fortune of landing an approximate 413lb yellowfin tuna in Puerto Vallarta and 351lb Pacific bluefin tuna.  Those big ones are an amazing fight but you can’t beat a great day of fishing yellowtail on the iron.
Fishing is their passion and they believe it is important to pass on good sportsmanship and the joys of fishing onto the next generation. 
Kevin has the pleasure of being the chartermaster for, Seeker Fishing Rods, and most recently Rice Bowl Charters. As a chartermaster Kevin tries to make sure everyone is reasonably set up and feels comfortable. They help passengers by tying their setups and if they need anything we use our own tackle. Their goal is to make sure they have their best chance on the water. Another thing they do when possible is to take pictures of the passengers and their catches. Most of the time people don’t want to stop fishing to take a picture but when the trip is over and they see their photos, it makes them so happy to have the memories. 
They are members of the Los Angeles Rod and Reel Club and often volunteer with the LARRC Foundation to take kids fishing and help those in need. Sophia is a member of The Gold Coast Lady Anglers based in Ventura. It is a great group of ladies whose ages range from late twenties to in their seventies!  
In the end it’s all about having fun, meeting people and making great memories!

This program was organized by Steve Wightman #1229.