Fighting Illegal Grows on Public Lands with LT John Nores

As a 28-year veteran special operations game warden and co-founder and team leader for California Dept of Fish and Wildlife’s Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and CDFW’s first sniper unit (Delta Team), Lt. John Nores Jr. (ret.) is familiar with the warning signs of cartel marijuana grow sites throughout America’s pristine public land hiking trails. LT Nores knows what to look for and avoid when hiking both on and off trail systems throughout the US. He has taken down over 500 clandestine trespass marijuana grow operations throughout his career. But, the damage has already been done. John will show site indicators and the decimating impacts to our nation’s waterways, wildlife and wildlands engendered by these operations.

If you’re an avid outdoor adventurer, you should learn to recognize trespass grow site indicators in and around trail systems including camouflaged water diverting irrigation pipe, anti-personnel boobie traps, hidden bags of food, growing and camping supplies, hidden encampments, cartel patron saint shrines, fertilizers, insecticides, rodenticides, and other poisons. Nores will highlight the cartel’s use of EPA banned and deadly poisons called “El Diablo” (The Devil), smuggled illegally into America from Mexico to produce toxically tainted black-market cannabis. Nores covers steps to take when identifying a trespass grow site, getting out of the danger area safely and reporting the finding properly once safely out of the woods.

Lt. John Nores (ret.) is a worldwide conservationist, investigated environmental and wildlife crimes for 28 years as a game California game warden and was awarded the Governor’s Medal of Valor for lifesaving and leadership efforts in 2008. Nores co-developed and led the Cal. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and Delta Team (the nation’s first wilderness special ops unit and sniper element) aimed at combatting the marijuana cartel’s decimation of our nation’s wildlife, wildlands and waterways and his latest book, Hidden War: How special operations game wardens are reclaiming America’s Wildlands from the Drug Cartels highlights the team’s first six years of operations (2013-2018). The MET has been featured on Fox News, NBC Investigative Reports, CNN, Dan Rather Reports and highlighted on the Sportsman Channel’s award-winning Patriot Profiles: Life of Duty documentary TV series. John hosts RecoilTV’s Thin Green Line film series, co-hosts the Thin Green Line and Warden’s Watch podcasts, has been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience, Jack Carr’s Danger Close, Col. Oliver North’s Real American Heroes, Meateater, Mike Drop, Field Craft Survival and other high reach podcasts.

This program was organized by Allan Smith #1069.