October 12, 2017 Ken Freund1046 – Motorcycle Trip across Russia

This program was not recorded, or the recording has not been made public.

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A Ladie’s Night

October 12, 2017 – Ken Freund 1046

Motorcycle Trip Across Russia

Social hour 6pm, dinner is served at 7, program begins in Chase Hall at 8pm.

Ken Freund, member 1046, recently returned from an extended motorcycle trip across Russia. 

He traveled Russia for 35 days, first riding from Moscow to Vladivostok. The route was across the Ural Mountains and all of Siberia, with a side trip to Lake Baikal, largest in the world. Then he flew back to Moscow and rode another motorcycle to St. Petersburg and back, for an overall total of about 7500 miles and seven time zones! He will tell about the people, home visits, the lonely road and vastness of Siberia, remote villages and modern cities along the way, accompanied by amazing images.


Ken is a photographer and journalist who has been to 81 countries and all seven continents, and has ridden motorcycles on six continents.

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