Allison Brown- Staying Fit for Adventure

This program was not recorded, or the recording has not been made public.

Allison Brown
Allison Brown

“Exercise is as much a cognitive as it is a physical effort.”


 Certified Athletic Trainer

 B.S. in Athletic Training from West Virginia University: College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

“If happiness is the goal— and it should be—
then adventure should be a top priority.”
 Richard Branson

Topics of Allison’s Talk:

Common Misconceptions

Basic Anatomy




Symptomatic Versus Problematic Treatment

Exercise To The Rescue!

Effects Of Exercise On The Body

Why Doesn’t Everyone Just Exercise Then?


Ergonomic Effects Of Technology

Fine, I’ll Do It…

Corrective Exercise Versus Exercise

Corrective Exercise: How To

No Pain, No Gain… No Way

Pelvic Neutral

Pelvic Tilt

The Zip

Sternal Lifts

Gait (Walking)

Gait Mechanics

Sitting To Standing/Squatting

Mechanics Of A Sit To Stand/Squat

Effects Of Sitting To Standing As A Strengthening Exercise

“Better to wear out than rust out.”
Jack LaLanne


This program was organized by Martin Bloom.