Family Expedition to Africa with the Angelos Family

Paragliding over Capetown

Mark Angelos first went to Africa as an adult and then wanted his children to experience the natural beauty and exotic nature of Africa while they were still young. Last August, he traveled to the Western Cape of South Africa, Victoria Falls, and visited the Hwange National Park Zimbabwe. Mark and his children, Natalie age 13 and Valerie age 10, will be sharing with us the rewarding adventures they experienced in Africa this summer. They hope that you may enjoy a trip to the heart of Africa with your family.

A Traverse on Table Mountain

Mark’s idea of a family vacation isn’t the same as Clark Griswold’s. From parasailing to rock climbing, he’s out there for adventure. His kids are there with him to. While they may slow him down a little, Mark packs more into a weekend trip than most people do in an entire year. When his kids are around, it’s bound to be an amazing adventure. When he’s out with his friends, good luck keeping up with him.

Mark Angelos is a businessman by day. He is an executive at a bank. He is also a family man with a wife and two young children. As an athlete, he has long enjoyed combining exploration with athletic adventure. The majority of his adventurers involve backcountry skiing, climbing, and surfing. Whenever he can, he brings his children along to participate in his adventures. While he loves to get out on his own into some extreme environments, he also values raising his two daughters and teaching them how to be lifelong adventurers.

This program was organized by Rich Mayfield #1211.