From Mercenaries to the Metaverse with Nick Bićanić

Pics or it didn’t happen. It’s a millennial thing. We get it. We all want photo evidence to prevent the latter day Walter Mitty from overtaking our memories.

  • The wave was 30 feet tall.
  • There were 8 guys with AK-47s pointed at our heads.
  • We were pulling 6G’s against the Chinese J-20.
  • So then Nick says to Robert Downey Junior “I could do this all day”.
But often times the best memories don’t come with pics. So y’all are just gonna have to come listen to Nick talk. Nick likes to tell stories – and he likes to invent and build things – ideally, he combines them both. Nick is coming to talk to us about-

  • Guns and Mercenaries in Sierra Leone and Iraq.
  • Making Dramatic and Documentary Films and Graphic Novels.
  • Creating an outdoor Augmented Reality training system for Fighter Pilots
  • Restoring a classic Defender 90 Land Rover.

Somewhere in there he’ll make room for windsurfing, skiing and creating an award winning camera accessory. Oh and there’s a girl. There’s always a girl.

Nick sold his first successful startup at age 25. He then spent 5 years in and around war zones, writing, directing and producing the 4-time LEO award winning documentary “Shadow Company”, voiced by Gerard Butler – a unique insight into the secret world of modern-day mercenaries. Invited to testify in front of the United States Senate as a subject matter expert on the usage of mercenaries in warfare, Nick screened this film on Capitol Hill to a rare bi-partisan audience; and was lauded for his insightful portrayal of the Private Military Sector.

An accomplished storyteller – he also produced “The War Against Boko Haram” for VICE News and published his first book – “Executive Outcomes” – a graphic novel based on his script of the same name.

As well as being a helicopter pilot and a ski and windsurfing instructor, Nick is an inventor and entrepreneur and holds multiple patents in the fields of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

He created multiple notable products in the AR/VR space, and became a Founder and Founding CTO of RED 6 AEROSPACE, a company building tools to train the fighter pilots of the future, tools that are fast becoming the cornerstone of the military metaverse.

Nick has keynoted multiple international conferences and appeared on many media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBC, CBS, Fox News and Al Jazeera.