You Can Wear Your Good Watch in Istria and Slavonia with Bill Altaffer


Join Bill Altaffer, the world’s most traveled man, as he takes you on a trip to the least visited parts of Croatia.  

Bill will take you to Istria, a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea that is shared by Croatia, Slavonia, and Italy. It is known for its beautiful beaches, vineyards, and olive groves. You’ll also go to Slavonia, a little known region in Croatia that borders Serbia.

Istria and Slavonia are retirement gems, and many visitors want to move there  immediately!

Octogenarian Bill Altaffer discovered John Goddard during a high school assembly at Marshall High and was immediately inspired to live a life of adventure. Over the years, in the shadow of John,  Bill started his mini list. By chance, he also became a Sigma Chi at USC. Bill has visited every country in the last century and most UNESCO sites.

This program was organized by Bill Altaffer.