Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable with Jeremiah Hyatt #1236


When Jeremiah Hyatt took his first solo trip to Europe at 25, he quickly realized the limitations of exploring the world through guidebooks. To connect more deeply with the cultures he sought to experience, he had to go off the beaten path.

From there, Jeremiah started on a journey to seek out destinations where most people would be uncomfortable. His travels have taken him around the world to places such as Iran, Syria, North

Africa, and the Central African Republic. His experiences in unfamiliar places have forced him to confront discomfort in many forms, from physical to mental, often without outside support. He has had food poisoning in at least 7 countries, been at gunpoint more than once, trekked for days on end through the dense jungle terrain, and witnessed military coups and government overflows.

Through his exposure to different ways of living and connecting with people from different cultures, Jeremiah has learned how to find comfort in uncomfortable situations.

Jeremiah’s program will delve into the motivations behind his unconventional travel choices and the strategies he employs to find comfort in uncomfortable situations. He will share his insights on overcoming fear, embracing uncertainty, and developing a mindset of resilience and adaptability.

Jeremiah Hyatt was born and raised in Delaware, Ohio. His passion for travel started at a young age when his family would pack up the station wagon and take off to different locations around the US. He has since traveled to over 90 countries with a focus on underdeveloped destinations. Jeremiah was admitted to The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles in 2022 as member #1236.

This program was organized by Phoebe Piper #1244.