Motorcycling in Myanmar with Ken Freund


Ken Freund, member #1046, talks about his experiences in the exotic country of Myanmar. His journey across and around this little-visited country was beautiful and engaging. It was all done, of course, on motorcycles. From ancient pagodas to electric cycles and their ever-present “watchers”, Ken relays his experiences and adventures.

Ken, an avid motorcycle adventurer, has put a lot of miles on motorcycles over the years. He has travelled by motorcycle, four-wheel drive, and other modes of transportation all over the world…east, west, north, and south! In an article about his ride across the entirety of Russia, Ken stated “I’ve been just about everywhere in the world astride a motorcycle”. Ken is a prolific writer and author of technical articles and books about motorcycles, four-wheel drives, and off-roading.

This program was organized by Ken Hudson #1206.