Outside the Wire: Covering Combat and Military Operations with Amy Forsythe

Amy Forsythe will be sharing her experiences as a U.S. Marine Combat Correspondent documenting military operations and exercises around the world for more than 30 years. Her passion for travel and documenting the courage of our military service members has taken her to some of the most remote places in the world. She’s been on assignment in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger, Romania, Sri Lanka, Poland and the remote island of Peleliu.

As a “One-Man Band” multimedia creator, Amy can always be found with a camera in her hand looking for the untold stories of our military service members. Whether it’s still photography, video or audio content, finding unique stories that you won’t see anywhere else is her signature style and earned her numerous awards and recognition within the Department of Defense.

Off The Beaten Path:

Being designated to cover military exercises on Sri Lanka in 2017 was an adventure of a lifetime. The U.S. hadn’t been conducting military exercises there for 25 years because of the civil war, so establishing initial communications was exciting and important. Amy and her team drove across the width of the country and went where most Americans have never been. She was there again in 2019 when they had the terrible terrorists’ attacks and had to be extracted via secret military airlift.


Amy Forsythe is an award-winning military journalist who served five combat tours supporting Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and has been on assignment for several other overseas missions. Amy started her career as a U.S. Marine combat correspondent and currently serves as Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Her imagery taken while covering military operations around the world has been featured in numerous international and national media outlets through the years and continues to be used for historical purposes. Amy recently published a book titled Heroes Live Here which showcases the history of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and she was recently inducted to the Women’s Museum of California 2023 Hall of Fame for the Historian category.


This program was organized by Rich Mayfield #1211.