World’s Most Traveled Person with Bill Altaffer

Bill Altaffer, Member #1095, is arguably the world’s most traveled person. Many members of the Adventurers’ Club are well-traveled, however, Bill ranks among the most traveled people in the entire world.

He visited all the 193 independent countries of the UN, all continents, 327 countries and territories on the Travelers’ Century Club list, 858 countries and territories on the MTP list, 1,062 regions on the NM1281 list, 1024 UNESCO World Heritage Site and spent 16 years on the road. The list of travel accolades Bill has accumulated is too numerous to list.

As a humanitarian worker, the United Nations sent him all over the world and as a private citizen and guide, he has explored the rest. In this interview Bill will talk about what it means to him to be the most traveled person and recount one of his more remote and recent adventures.

Bill has traveled since 1949. He owns a small travel company that designs travel to extremely exotic places. He lives part time in Mammoth Lakes and San Diego.

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This program was organized by Rich Mayfield, Member #1211.