Paralyzed & Told He’d Never Walk Again Terry Tillman Shares his Success Secrets

Many years ago, Terrry was in a dentist’s office and read a magazine featuring John Goddard and his famous 127 life goals list.  He decided to strive to do as many things on that list as he could and now has accomplished 90+.  He’s traveled and adventured through over 100 countries.   He’s used much of that Goddard wisdom to design one of the very first wilderness courses for executives and ran that program for over 40 years helping to guide literally tens of thousands of professionals to become their very best selves. He did this by challenging them in the wilderness through mountaineering, white water rafting, trail blazing ascents and descents throughout the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho and Patagonia, Argentina.

Terry was one of the first people to travel to Omsk, Siberia, a city of 1.5M people where the soviet military had complex weapons factories. He will share some of the hair-raising stories of that trip including flying on Soviet Transport Planes with mismatched engines and wheels that looked like they were about to fall off.  Most recently Terry was hired by a band called Cold Play to help organize and focus their 150 team road crew to ensure that on their 3 year world tour that the entire team worked together to achieve the best results possible.

Terry is a recovering businessman, seminar leader, speaker, author, coach, scout, elder in the human potential movement, ski Instructor, rock climber, pilot, Stanford Graduate and world traveler (101 countries to date).  He is a cross between Merlin and Peter Pan, he’s a father, husband, and at 80 years old a father of a 7 year old son.   And he is still wondering what he’s going to do when he grows up some day!!

This program was organized by Craig Caryl #1230.