Diving to the Titanic with Bill Price

Bill Price, #1202, joined OceanGate founder Stockton Rush in July 2021 for the historic inaugural expedition of the Titan submersible to the Titanic. This initial descent to the wreck, lying an astounding 12,500 feet below the surface, was one of the few successful dives the submersible ever made.

Bill will share his perspective as one of the first people to witness the Titanic’s bow from the Titan submersible. He will also recount the harrowing events of their first attempt, when things went terribly wrong, and how they managed to return to the surface after being stranded.

In addition to these thrilling firsthand accounts, Bill will present exclusive and unseen footage captured from inside the Titan.

Bill Price is a seasoned traveler who has explored over a hundred countries on all seven continents in his 50 years in the travel industry. He has sailed on all seven oceans and visited all fifty states in the US. Bill and his wife Nanette have enjoyed attending various events and meeting intriguing individuals. After raising two wonderful daughters, Bill now pursues his passions for space, aviation, and history. He has flown in numerous aircraft and amassed a sizable collection of fossils and masks from around the world. Bill and Nanette, who share a love for adventure, eagerly anticipate their next off-the-beaten- path journey together.

This program was organized by Andrew Medina #1212.