Here, There be Dragons! with Jim Dorsey

Jim Dorsey, member #1081, has visited close to 100 remote tribal cultures around the world. His books and essays are personal insights to vanishing ways of life that might otherwise disappear, un-noticed by the world at large.

Tonight’s journey will cover four of his most extreme expeditions, riding the Southern Sahara of Mali with Berber nomads, visiting the minefields of Cambodia, climbing a remote volcano in the Ethiopian desert, and being used as bait during a hunt with feral bushmen.

Jim has published three books and over 800 essays and articles. He has written for Colliers, the L.A. Times, Chicago Sun Times, Christian Science Monitor, Lonely Planet, The BBC, United Airlines, and numerous African Airlines. When he is not visiting mud huts, he works as naturalist and deckhand for whale and shark boats out of Moss Landing, Ca.

He is represented by Lisa Hagan Literary, who is currently promoting his fourth book.

He is a member emeritus of the Adventurer’s Club, and a retired Fellow of the Explorer’s Club.


This program was organized by Ken Hudson #1206.