Travels with Shane with Gary Mortimer #1086

When Gary Mortimer met Shane Berry, they immediately bonded over a shared love of water sports and the great outdoors. As their friendship developed, they encouraged each other to step out of their comfort zones with a trip to Nepal. This trip opened the door for what would become a lifetime friendship dedicated to pursuing travel and adventure.

When Gary was introduced to the Adventurer’s Club of Los Angeles in 2002 by his cousin, Past President Al Adams #688, he quickly enlisted his old friend  Shane, who would soon become member #1093.

After becoming fellow members of the Adventurers’ Club their interest in far off and wild places grew, and they continued to journey around the world together. The two traveled across the globe into some wonderful and strange places including Antarctica, South America, Borneo and the Black Rock Desert – better known as Burning Man.

Gary’s presentation will reflect on fun and notable moments from these years of extensive travel and adventure with Shane Berry, showcasing the camaraderie forged during their years as fellow Adventurers’ Club members. 


Gary Mortimer, #1086 is a private and commercial aircraft pilot, who has restored two Neoclassical aircraft and participated in air shows.  He served in the US Army and volunteered for duty in South Vietnam in 1967-68. He enjoys skydiving and SCUBA diving. Gary lives in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with his wife of 54 years, Cheri, with whom he has two wonderful children, John and Jaime. He spends his spare time poking about old copper mines, standup paddling and outrigger canoeing. He is a member of the Lake Havasu City Outrigger Canoe Club and participates in open ocean canoe races off the coast of California. He is currently the Clubs head coach and teaches the art of steering the 45 foot long 6-man canoes. When not racing, he and his dog, Salty perform Disc dog shows for schools, managed care facilities and the annual Lake Havasu Balloon Fest.

Shane Berry, #1093 was a passionate adventurer who shared his love of travel with his wife and his sons from an early age. He enjoyed mountain biking, deep sea fishing, hiking, skiing, and exploring new destinations.     

This program was organized by Phoebe Piper #1244.