Running Away With The Circus with Phoebe Piper

Running away with the circus had always seemed like a far away fantasy to Phoebe Piper, but when Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s Circus came to town in 2011 she thought “why not try?” Shortly thereafter, she was packing a small bag to move into a small room on the circus train. Phoebe spent the next six months traveling around the country with the circus. 





Working with the circus motivated her to reach for other experiences that seemed unobtainable. She went on to work and live on a glacier, in a small camp in the Arctic, on a cattle ranch, and in the heart of the swamps. 


Phoebe will be discussing her time working with the circus and how that inspired years of travel and adventure.





Phoebe Piper is now a Certified Master Beekeeper and owner of The Hive Tribe Beekeeping in Los Angeles. Together with her team, she cares for over 100 hives in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  

This program was organized by Grant McComb #1231.