‘The Rickshaw Run’ – A Wild Ride Across India with Yasmin Sanie-Hay and Anthony Hay


Imagine traveling 3,000 km across the vast Indian subcontinent. Now imagine doing that in a 7-horsepower, three-wheeled, glorified lawnmower. In two weeks. 

Held annually, the Rickshaw Run brings together nearly 100 teams that drive across India in none other than auto rickshaws, otherwise known as tuk tuks. There’s no set route. There’s no back-up if you break down or get lost. Most have never driven a rickshaw before. The only rule: get from A to B. The rest of the adventure will inevitably unfold in all its three-wheeled fabulosity. Father-daughter duo Anthony and Yasmin decided it would be wise to take part. They christened their psychedelic ride the Chitty Chitty Bhang Bhang and hit the road.



On January 2nd, 2020, after the ceremonial “Tuck-Off,” the rickshaws set off from the golden sands of Jaisalmer, an old frontier town in the Thar desert near the India-Pakistan border. Their final destination: Fort Kochi, a former Spice Route outpost in South India, once nicknamed “Queen of the Arabian Sea.




Join Yasmin and Anthony on September 28th to hear about their adventures making it to the finish line – from an impromptu police escort through a base, to their foray into amphibious tuk-tuking while drag racing on a Malabar beach, spontaneously merging with a herd of oxen, procuring much-needed tuk tuk spare parts from a mysterious Dr. Bhang in the back of a government cannabis shop, and much more…






Yasmin Sanie-Hay

Yasmin is a documentary filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. In her past life, she was a management consultant in the Middle East. Over the years, her love of adventure and exploring other cultures has taken her to over 75 countries. Prior to the Rickshaw Run, she also drove in and completed the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally, traversing roughly a third of the globe from London to Ulaan Bataar. 








Anthony Hay

By the age of five, Anthony had lived in three different countries before moving to Tehran, Iran. Growing up there, he was surrounded by expats from all over the world and his cross-cultural experiences later translated into a life-long passion for travel. One of his first solo adventures during his university days took him through various parts of South America, including a boat trip down the Amazon.



This program was organized by Craig Caryl.