Ends of the Earth: Documenting the spread and impact of Christianity with David Coonradt

Over the last 5 years David has traveled around the world producing TV shows and content that document the spread and impact of Christianity in world history. His projects started in Israel, Turkey, and Greece; the modern-day countries that contain most archeological references to the events found in the Judeo-Christian Bible. He then traveled to 25 countries across 6 continents to document the spread of the Christian religion after the events of the Bible end.
The many cathedrals, monasteries, churches, and archeological sites he visited required careful negotiation to receive access. These sites are not only sacred to the religious, but are also cherished national treasures in their culture. The Vatican of Rome, Notre Dame of Paris, Hagia Sophia of Istanbul, and Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City are just a few. However his most memorable experiences have been the obscure. Few things compare to being welcomed by the Coptic monks of St. Anthony’s Monastery in the Egyptian Desert, the oldest monastery in the world founded and occupied by the same religious order since 300 AD.

David Coonradt has experience producing TV shows, national commercials, corporate and non-profit content. Having overseen productions in over 20 countries, David specializes in production logistics for locations around the world, producing and consulting on a variety of projects. He is passionate about creating shows and content that inspire adventure and impart family values to audiences.

This program was organized by Jeff Holmes #1148.