Diving the HMHS Britannic (Without a Golden Ticket) with Brett Eldrige


Brett Eldrige spent years training to prepare for diving and photographing the HMHS Britannic, considered by many to be the pinnacle of wreck diving.

Until recently, you needed a “Golden Ticket” to dive the HMHS Britannic (sister ship to the Titanic), which sits in 385 feet of water off the coast of Greece. In June 2022, the Britannic was included in the Kea Underwater Historic Park and the logistics and permit process to dive the wreck became a lot more realistic for a “regular” diver. This talk will focus on the history of the Britannic and how she sank. Brett will describe the trip, dive logistics, equipment used, and the process for diving this historic wreck. He will also show some of the amazing pictures he took while diving the wreck.

Brett Eldrige has lived in California most of his life in both SoCal and NorCal. He spent 20+ years in the Bay Area starting and working at high-tech cybersecurity startup companies and “semi-retired” 6 years ago. He moved back to the OC area and currently lives in Newport Coast. He is a technical rebreather diver and has spent the past 3-4 years during Covid exploring the local wrecks and finding and identifying some new wrecks. He joined The Explorers Club in 2021 as a Member National. Brett won the 2024 Underwater Photographer of the Year for the Wreck Category for his photogrammetry image of a local SoCal airplane wreck that he helped find and identify. He writes about his wreck dives and explorations at http://wreckedinmyrevo.com.

This program was organized by Steve Lawson #1032.