Flying the SR-71 Blackbird with Buz Carpenter

Adelbert “Buz” Carpenter flew over 65 operational missions in the SR-71 Blackbird and became an SR-71 Instructor Pilot.
Hailing from Oakland, California; Buz graduated from the USAF Academy in June 1967 and then completed pilot training at Williams AFB, AZ Sept 1968.
Buz’s experience as a pilot is extensive, as follows:
C-141 worldwide airlift as an Aircraft Commander – 1350 hrs
RF-4C in Vietnam combat with 150 combat hours and later in Japan, served as Flight Commander and Instructor Pilot – 1030 hours
SR-71 Flown worldwide as an aircraft commander and later Instructor Pilot with over 65+ operational missions accruing 777 hours.
T-38 Companion Trainer & Instructor Pilot – 550+ hours
USAF Blackworld programmer in Pentagon involving programs such as F-117, B-2 Bomber, F-22 and others.
F-4E Fighter Squadron Commander – 420 hours Converted squadron into F-16 A/Bs
Wing commander in Europe at Ramstein AB, Germany during the Desert Storm Gulf War.
Flew U-2 as staff officer – 12 + hours
Buz retired as a Colonel and currently volunteers as a Docent at The Udvar Hazy Center of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum at Dulles airport. In 2017 he was inducted into the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fameand has appeared in numerous videos for the Smithsonian, Lockheed Corporation, and the Great Courses, plus doing podcasts, and participating in Air Museum symposia. He supports STEM related educational motivation with many schools across the country.

This program was organized by Ken Hudson #1206.