From Coast to Coast: A 4000-Mile Cycling Odyssey with Ian de Moura

Join us for an interview with Ian de Moura, a passionate salesman, cycling enthusiast, and avid adventurer. In 2020, Ian De Moura embarked on an unforgettable journey alongside his friend, Ian Fish, as they cycled their way across the United States, conquering challenges, embracing the unknown, and forging lasting memories.

Starting their daring expedition on the west coast in Astoria, Oregon, the two intrepid Ian’s set out to explore the vast and diverse landscapes of America. Throughout their 82-day adventure, they traversed a staggering 4,000 miles, crossing through 10 states and encountering the beauty of three national parks.

Throughout their awe-inspiring odyssey, Ian and his companion opted for an unsupported expedition, camping out each night in community parks, church basements, and the tranquility of NFS campsites. This decision allowed them to intimately connect with the regions they passed through, basking in the breathtaking scenery and forming connections with fellow travelers and locals alike.

The culmination of their epic journey saw them dipping their tires in the Atlantic Ocean off the picturesque coast of Yorktown, Virginia. The triumph of reaching the eastern shore after conquering vast terrains left an indelible mark on Ian, shaping his perspective on life.

Today, Ian de Moura has transitioned into a customer success professional at a leading data provider in Seattle. Remarkably, he continues to embrace his love for cycling, actively commuting to work on his trusty bicycle daily. Additionally, when the spirit of adventure calls, he and his steadfast friend Ian Fish reunite for the occasional kayak or alpine hike, proving that the wanderlust within them remains as insatiable as ever.

Join us as we delve into the tales of triumph, camaraderie, and personal growth that Ian de Moura shares about his extraordinary cycling experience and the lessons he’s carried forward from his inspiring journey across the USA.

This program was organized by Grant McComb #1231.