THE LAGOON, Encounters with the Whales of San Ignacio with James Michael Dorsey

Jim Dorsey, # 1081, is best known for his remote travels to visit vanishing tribal cultures, but for almost three decades he has also pursued a second career path as a cetacean naturalist, (Whales, dolphins, porpoises,   pinnipeds, seals, sea lions, walrus, elephant seals, etc.) He has worked on whale boats out of Long Beach, Redondo, Ports of Call, and Moss Landing, while working for 22 seasons as resident naturalist/ guide in the gray whale nursery of San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja, Mexico.


Jim will read from his latest book, THE LAGOON, Encounters with the Whales of San Ignacio. His fourth book is a memoir that encompasses the natural history and indigenous people that have had a mystical connection to the whales for almost 10,000 years. This lagoon is the only place on earth where wild animals in their natural habitat routinely seek out human contact, and Jim knows them as personal friends. This program will be a personal tour of the private world of the world’s largest living creatures.


Jim will take you on the water, face to face, with 40-ton, 45 foot long wild animals in their natural habitat, in 20-foot open boats. They come to us with open mouths to have their tongues scratched and their baleen stroked.  They bring their babies to us to be petted, placing them on their backs or stomachs, and they push our boats around like tiny bathtub toys. They are tender as humans with their offspring, they mourn their dead, and after being brutally hunted to the brink of extinction, they now come to us in friendship. We have much in common with these animals both physically and emotionally. Learn all about it tonight.


Jim will bring a small number of books to sell at this event, including THE LAGOON and several previous works. To ensure a copy, we encourage you to purchase your book ahead of the program. THE LAGOON is available from all major book sellers.



James Michael Dorsey is an explorer and award winning author, who has spent two decades researching remote cultures in 52 countries. He has written for publications such as United Airlines, Lonely Planet, Los Angeles Times, BBC Wildlife, BBC Travel, Natural History, and more. James is a foreign correspondent for Camerapix, International and a travel consultant to Brown & Hudson of London. His Stories have appeared in 20 travel anthologies. He has won 22 SOLAS Award categories from Travelers Tales and is a contributor to their Best Travel Writing, Volumes 10 & 11, plus the Lonely Planet Literary Anthology. His previous books Baboons for Lunch and Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails are available on Amazon.

This program was organized by Jim Dorsey #1081.