Finding Amelia Earhart’s Plane with Lloyd Romeo

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart has captivated the world’s imagination for decades, but the mystery seems to have a solution, if one follows the evidence.

Lloyd Romeo is a project manager for Deep Sea Vision, a company whose team has set out to finally solve this mystery. Analysis of radio logs from the USS Itasca supports the “Splash and Sink” theory near Howland Island. To explore the seafloor in that area, the team meticulously selected the Kongsberg Hugin 6000, an advanced underwater vehicle capable of operating at a remarkable depth of 6,000 meters.


Organized by Deep Sea Vision CEO Anthony Romeo, the team underwent training at Kongsberg’s facility in Norway. The logistics of transporting the Hugin to the South Pacific, chartering a boat, and assembling the team took approximately a year of planning and coordination.



The team flew to Tarawa, where they met with the ship and crew. From there, it was a two-day transit to the Howland area. The Hugin was then deployed for approximately 90 days of seafloor scanning. Data restored on the return trip presented what appears to be the lost plane. The team plans to return for another look toward the end of 2024.

Lloyd Romeo, and brother Anthony, hail from Long Island, New York. Their father’s career as a pilot for Pan Am transported their family around the world to reside in countries such as Japan, Egypt, Yugoslavia, and Hong Kong. Inspired by his fathers career in aviation, Lloyd obtained his pilot’s license at the age of 20, and earned an Aeronautics degree. Lloyd then pursued a career in MicroComputer Engineering. After devoting 35 years of service at Opto 22, an Industrial Controls Company, as a Controls Engineer, Lloyd transitioned his career path by joining his brother’s company, Deep Sea Vision. Lloyd’s globetrotting childhood instilled in him a love of travel that has taken him to the top of Mt. Fuji and the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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