Healing Through Adaptive Climbing with Kareemah Batts

Kareemah Batts is a trailblazing climber, inclusion advocate, and community builder. As the founder of the Adaptive Climbing Group, Kareemah empowers climbers of all ages and abilities to explore their potential, and sponsors athletes to compete nationally and internationally, breaking down barriers in the sport of climbing. Kareemah will share her journey as a cancer survivor, paraclimber, and outdoor enthusiast. She draws upon her lived experience and educational background to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Kareemah will discuss the overlapping, underserved populations of people with disabilities around the world. She will share what she has learned about the therapeutic properties of the outdoors and how innovative technological ventures in these green spaces create more accessibility. She will explore the lack of diverse voices in outdoor spaces, and what we can all do about it, no matter the lived experiences.

Kareemah Batts is a native New Yorker hailing from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Raised by her aunt and uncle, who instilled in her a love for nature and community from a young age, Kareemah has forged a path marked by determination and compassion. With a degree in Recreational Therapy and ongoing studies in Business Management & Economics, she has dedicated her career to fostering inclusive spaces and accessible opportunities for those with disabilities. As the founder of the Adaptive Climbing Group, the largest climbing program for people with disabilities in the country, Kareemah has left an indelible mark on the outdoor industry, earning recognition such as the 2013 ADA Sapolin Award and the 2019 Climbing Advocate Award. Named “Change Maker of the Year” by the American Alpine Club in 2023, Kareemah continues to inspire and lead in her quest to co-create a world where diversity is intersectional and accessible.

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This program was organized by Casey Sheppard.