Sailing Across the Atlantic with James H. Lee, CAPT


Captain James H. Lee tackles the challenges of a transatlantic voyage on a cutting-edge catamaran, relying on renewable energy.


The journey took over 20 days, logging over 3,000 nautical miles in conditions ranging from calm to stormy seas.


Overcoming equipment problems and rigging failures, the crew had to concentrate on the absolute essentials to make a successful crossing, which followed Columbus’s routes during his 2nd and 4th voyages in 1493 and 1501. Modern day sailboats have made advancements, but following the traditional trade routes mariners have been using for centuries stokes the nostalgia of historic sailing. This is a sailor’s game and Captain James explores the allures of sailing and why he has become a sailing and powerboating instructor.

An aerospace engineer, business executive, and retired Navy Captain; James Lee obtained a USCG Master License, sailing and powerboat instructor certifications, and American Boat & Yacht Council Master Technician certification. He has delivered sailboats in Europe and North America, and he extensively cruises and races. He has degrees in aerospace engineering from Boston University and Stanford University and an MBA from University of Southern California.

This program was organized by Chuck Brill #1190.