Capturing The Thrill with Michael Graber


Eight-time Emmy recipient Michael Graber became a cinematographer by pursuing his passion for mountain climbing.

Moving to California’s Eastern Sierra after earning a Philosophy degree from Claremont McKenna College, Graber quickly ascended the ranks of top alpinists in the U.S., pioneering first ascents on four continents. In 1976, he met Oscar-winner Mike Hoover (Up, Solo) who mentored him in adventure and documentary filmmaking.


In this program, Graber will discuss how his passions for cinematography and mountain-climbing took him to Antarctica, Mt. Everest, and Afghanistan.

Since 1977, Graber has worked on numerous award-winning television documentaries, netting eight national Emmys along the way. Graber also branched out into feature films (Dust to Glory, 007-Die Another Day, Endless Summer 2, Crimson Tide, Almost Heroes) and 70mm IMAX films (Storm Chasers, Amazon, Wild California, Shackleton, and America’s Musical Journey). He currently divides his time between Capistrano Beach and Bishop, CA.


This program was organized by Bill Altaffer #1095.