Earthwalk 2019 and the We Are Mother Earth Initiative with Jenny Carrington

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Have you ever grown a garden? Imagine growing enough tomatoes for your entire local school without increasing your energy or water bills or contributing to climate change whatsoever. Imagine growing bananas or other tropical fruits that you never thought you could because you can control the environment inside your greenhouse. You still haven’t increased your energy bills yet either. And you’re producing fresh clean water in abundance. The SpARK POD is one model of this clever system, combining the production of seafood and vegetables in an integrated smart greenhouse. It can provide enough food for a school, while giving students a hands-on education for how to combat climate change in their own backyards.

In 2019, Jenny took a walk- from Delaware to Los Angeles to raise awareness of the SpARK 4 Humanity Initiative, which will deploy 400 Spark Pods around the world, making a measurable difference on our carbon emissions and our mindset for solving other climate challenges. On her journey she met with top executives from major corporations and environmental non-profits and is working with them to help fund the We Are Mother Earth initiative. She calls this “radical collaboration,” and she knows that this type of cross industry action is exactly what is needed to make an impact in our lifetime.

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Jenny holds an MA from Fordham University in Human Development and Social Intervention and a BA from Binghamton University in Philosophy, Politics and Law. She began studying systems theory in 2011 at the Center for the Study of Social Policy. She is an individual with an unprecedented sense of optimism and joy. Her vision is to connect entrepreneurs leading the global impact strategy as well as work with socially impactful individuals and organizations to represent their causes using high quality presentation and video materials while also recycling funds generated through mindful media back into these causes to create a closed loop. Currently she is spearheading an editorial and short film about Standing Rock called Rise Like Water while continuing to pursue her artistic passions.

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