The Victory Lap: A Circumnavigation Visiting All Seven Continents in Four Months

Lawler MapMichael Lawler and his wife Barbara recently returned from a complete circumnavigation in which they visited 13 countries and all seven continents in just four months.
They traveled around the world by plane (34 flights), train, bus, limo, tuk-tuk, bicycle, rickshaw, ship, sailboat, white water raft, hot air balloon, horse, elephant, camel, kayak and on foot.Some of their highlights included: trekking to the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery high in the Himalayas of Bhutan to receive the blessing of the Lama; visiting King Tut’s Tomb on the 100th Anniversary of its discovery and other ancient sites as the guest of Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities; snorkeling with the marine iguanas and seeing the Giant Tortoises of the Galapagos Islands; and jumping off the ship for a polar plunge in the near freezing waters of Antarctica.

Michael Lawler is a past president of the Adventurers’ Club (Member No. 1095). He has completed three circumnavigations, the firston the Semester at Sea’s ship at age 19, the second on his own 47 ft. sailboat, Traveler, visiting 64 countries on six continents over three years, and the third one just recently. In 2019, he proudly carried the Adventurers’

Club Flag with him on his seventh Transpac and was First to Finish in the Cruising Class (Under 50ft.), and he’s also competed in dozens of Newport to Ensenada Races. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, Kalapattar (1,000 ft. above Everest Base Camp), Mt. Whitney and Half Dome. He is also a member of the Explorers Club, the Traveler’s Century Club, the Circumnavigators Club, the Lido Isle Yacht Club, and the Corsair Yacht Club. He has about 100,000 miles at sea, with roughly half that on ships and the other half on sailing yachts. When he is not on the water or traveling around the world, Michael is an estate planning attorney in Newport Beach, where he lives with his equally adventurous wife Barbara.



This program was organized by Grant McComb #1231.