A Life Aquatic with Kim McCoy

While many people are defined by a single event or passion in their lives, Kim McCoy has lived a diverse and interesting life of continuous adventure, much of which revolves around his love of the ocean and exploration. Starting at a young age, he spent time all over the world hitchhiking, sailing, and letting his scientific career take him wherever it might…accumulating some great stories along the way!

Kim McCoy, member #1127, is a physical oceanographer. He is the author of the third edition of Willard Bascom’s book ‘Waves and Beaches’ which addresses climate change. He has made nine science trips to Polar Regions involving icebreaker, ice camp, submarine, and helicopter operations.
Kim has been a Principal Scientist for NATO in Italy, CEO of Ocean Sensors, Inc., Chair for Ocean Instrumentation for the Marine Technology Society, and a bell-boy in Berlin. Kim interacts with numerous academic, commercial, and government institutions worldwide.
His education includes Universities in Germany, France, and the US.
Kim has been granted patents in several fields including for autonomous instrumentation. He has decades free diving, windsurfing, offshore sailing, and became an expert in diving physiology measurements by instrumenting many world record free diving events (successful and fatal). He designed and tested a manned submersible (and lived to tell about it). Kim has been to all seven continents…six of them by sea. He has a passion for ancient history, speaks several languages, and used to be 6’ 6” tall. He began mountain climbing and paragliding just to dry out his gills.

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