Primitive Wilderness Survival with Dan Baird

As one of the world’s leading Back-country Primitive Survival Experts and Guides,
Dan regularly leads international survival training and exploration trips to some of the most remote and hostile places on earth.

As Head Instructor of the largest primitive survival training school in the U.S., Dan is responsible for programs training thousands of people annually in wilderness and urban survival skills. In addition to being a leading back-country primitive survival guide, Dan is also a certified Medical Wilderness First Responder Instructor, a FEMA/DHS trained National C.E.R.T. Instructor, and a member/trainer of Law Enforcement Search and Rescue (SAR) teams across California.

Dan has been featured for his remote guiding and survival expertise in the media with National Geographic, History Channel, Forbes, Good Morning America, and many more. 

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This program was organized by Jay Nunn #1213.