Classic Adventure with Rob Quist

This program was not recorded, or the recording has not been made public.

Rob Quist’s Passport photo from 1964.

Rob’s first real adventure he counts as his trip to Europe in 1964. When he was 21 years old he took a 9 month trek hitch-hiking through Canada, the US, Europe, North Africa & the Middle East. Starting in Alberta, CA, he hitched to New York, then boarded an Icelandic Airlines 18 hour flight on a DC-3 to Luxembourg. From there he hitch-hiked through Europe to Morocco & Algeria. Returning to France on a tramp steamer in a raging storm, he landed in Marseilles with $16 in his pocket. From the French Riviera he hitchhiked on to spend Christmas in Rome, Epiphany in Greece & Ramadan in Izmir, Turkey. He took buses from Istanbul to Ankara continuing through Syria to Lebanon then boarded a ferry to Port Said and spent February 1965 in Egypt touring the archaeological sites. Continuing on. he boarded a Russian passenger ship back to Athens then on through Communist Yugoslavia, then traveled back to Western Europe and eventually hopped that DC-3 back to the States.

That’s not even half of it. Join us in this interview to hear about Rob’s true travel adventure through Europe during the peak of the Cold War.

This program was organized by Rich Mayfield, Member #1211.