An Arctic Journey told by Adam Ravetch

Adam Ravetch – Is a Polar Cinematographer/Filmmaker for over three decades, and constantly in pursuit of one-of-a-kind cinematic challenges.  He is an Emmy Award winning wildlife cinematographer who has journeyed north, and south, and became one of a handful of filmmakers to shoot beneath the Polar ice caps and document a series of “firsts,” revealing behavior of animals lives we have never seen before.  He regularly does this for National Geographic, BBC’s Landmark series Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Sharks, two Arctic Imax films, a feature length documentary arctic film for Paramount Pictures, and a 3D polar bear film for Universal Pictures to name a few.

Adam will share his series of animal behavioral firsts:

  • Walrus/Polar Bear & Polar Bear Predation.
  • Discovered the birthing grounds of the Eastern Atlantic Walrus.
  • The first team to record Greenland sharks under the ice.
  • Polar Bear -Detailed documentation of polar bears while physically swimming and filming in and underwater depicting how polar bears swim, dive and migrate by the sun, stars and northern lights.
  • First to film a polar bear scaling an 800’ cliff to feed on thick-billed murres, and captured it in native 3D.
  • First to arm a polar bear with a camera, in order to document and uncover mysteries of their own world.
  • First and only to crack a centuries old mystery and question of what is the purpose of the Narwhal’s tusk?
  • -First to film Beluga Whales feeding on Capelin (fish) underwater.
  • First to film Polar bears jumping from tidal rocks onto the backs of beluga whales to capture them.
  • First to film a newborn Bowhead whale, only days old in its breathing holes from above and beneath the spring ice.
  • First to film the Bowhead whale being followed by pods of beluga whales to navigate the Spring Ice of the North West Passage.
  • First to film the gathering of Bowhead whales mating in masses.

Adam Ravetch: Emmy Award Winning Underwater Cinematographer, Filmmaker & Rolex/Explorer’s Club Lowell Thomas Award Winner for Exploration.  Adam grew up in Los Angeles and hails from a distinguished lineage of motion picture screenwriters. His aunt & uncle wrote “The Cowboys,” starring John Wayne, and after attending the premiere, he knew he wanted to live a life outside among the stars. Inspired by his predecessors’ narrative tradition but setting his own path, Adam pursued the real world, but never expected his muse to be found beneath the Arctic ice.

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This program was organized by Lance Miller #1222.