The Roswell UFO Crash; What are the Undeniable Truths? with Donald R. Schmitt

As we approach the 75th anniversary of the most-celebrated UFO encounter of all time, we need to examine the facts as they currently stand today. After a short summary of the historic nature of the crash event and the details surrounding the incident itself, we will next focus on a select number of principle participants. Both military and civilian who took center-stage from opposite lifestyles, yet, who’s behavior in response to such an extraordinary situation was from the same script. We will then explore the now four separate government explanations as to what took place and how each measures up to the established facts. Finally, we will take a close look at Roswell and the political and scientific scene. What have high-ranking officials stated about Roswell in contemporary times and how has academia responded to such a story, which portends to be the greatest of the millennium.

Donald R. Schmitt is a former special investigator of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was the scientific consultant to the Air Force Project Blue Book. After Hynek founded the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Chicago, Schmitt would become his director of special investigations and served on the board of directors for ten years. A seven-time best-selling author, his first book UFO Crash at Roswell was made into the Golden Globe nominated best picture ROSWELL. He is also a co-founder of the International UFO Museum and Research Center (IUFOMRC) at Roswell, NM. Schmitt is also a co-founder of the International Coalition on Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) where he serves as the main representative of the USA.

This program was organized by Chuck Jonkey / Ken Hudson.