Prisoners In Paradise with Vivian Callahan


In March of 2020, Vivian Callahan set out on what was supposed to be a simple yacht delivery. As a 100-ton USCG captain who had made numerous yacht deliveries, she expected this delivery to be routine. But, three days after leaving Panama, Vivian discovered that the threat of Covid 19 had caused all the ports in Panama to close. Vivian and her crew were stranded at sea, unable to bring her boat to the shore.



Confined to the boat and faced with the uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic, she had to travel from Panama to the Galapagos, to the Marquesas, through the Tuamotus, and finally to Papeete, Tahiti before they could bring the boat to port.


In this program, Vivian will tell you what it was like to be prisoners in paradise.





Vivian Callahan is an adventurer, writer, producer, and editor. She has sailed over 100,000 miles, trekked to Mt. Everest Base Camp and investigated earthquake faults in Lake Tahoe. She began her adventures in 1974 when she sailed from Redondo Beach to Lahaina, Hawaii and back on a wood 36’ ketch. After completing a career in television at Fox and CBS, she retired and helped produce four documentary features. She was one of the Presidents and founders of the Society of Women Adventurers and a former lecturer at The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles. She has continued sailing to destinations all over the world.

This program was organized by Jim Dorsey #1081.