Pioneering Travel Through Post-US Afghanistan with Matthew Allison


In 2022, Matthew Allison was one of the first Americans to return to Afghanistan after the Taliban took over. He traveled overland across regions that were too dangerous during the war, including Ghur, Helmund, and Kandahar provinces.

In his travels he encountered Kuchi nomads and many Taliban, sometimes not by choice. He also visited the fabled Minaret of Jam, a 1000-year-old minaret that is one of the last remaining structures from the lost city of Turquoise Mountain.

Matthew Allison, member #1240, is an adventurer who, as of early 2024, has visited every country in the world with the main goal of discovering new adventures, exploring caves, wilderness, endangered wildlife and living with tribes and vanishing cultures. Some of Matthew’s most notable adventures are cage diving with great white sharks, piloting a small plane across Baja Mexico, staying with the Nenet reindeer herders in the Siberian Arctic with temperatures diving to -50 degrees Celsius and tracking a legendary dinosaur like creature called the Mokele Mbembe to a remote lake deep in Republic of Congo rainforest.

This program was organized by Bill Altaffer #1095.