Creating Camaraderie on a Solo Motorcycle Journey with Indy Saini


Indy Saini realized her passion for riding motorcycles at the age of 7. She was visiting her family in India when she had her first motorcycle ride with her cousin, who took her everywhere on their bike. She was hooked, and eventually she learned to ride.

Prior to making her documentary “Women in the Front Seat,” though she had already been riding for 25 years, she had never ridden with another woman. She had heard statistics that the female riding population was growing. So she decided to take on a bucket list item – to ride across the US solo on a motorcycle – combine it with her passion for filmmaking, and go find other women to ride with.

She met and rode with hundreds of women across the country. She was challenged on all levels, from her riding to her understanding of who she was. In the end, she not only had great stories but also new lifelong friendships.

Award winning director, writer and Emmy nominated cinematographer Maninder “Indy” Saini grew up straddling two worlds, her American home base in rural Pennsylvania, and her dad’s homeland in Punjab, India.  With her first passport at the age of 3, a passion for travel and a desire to understand different perspectives was planted, inspiring her creative journey as a filmmaker.


This program was organized by Casey Sheppard #1250.