5th Annual Tiki Night at The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles

Founded in 1921, the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles is a gathering place for those who leave the beaten path in search of adventure.  The club proudly hosts its 5th Annual Tiki Night in celebration of Tiki and camaraderie of ohana.  Enjoy live music, dancing, food, tropical cocktails, and this year’s program honoring the pioneering spirit in the Tiki resurgence of Los Angeles.  Share in the experience of community and reserve your ticket today.

Andrew Meieran


Explore the art of adventure with Andrew Meieran, designer and owner of Clifton’s Republic and the Edison in Downtown Los Angeles.  Mr. Meieran will be sharing his inspirations for the renovation of the Pacific Seas, the Tiki Bar at Clifton’s based on the golden era of travel by Clifford Clinton, the founder of the original Clifton’s Cafeteria.  Pacific Seas draws influence from Polynesian and Pacific Rim cultures from the turn of the 20th century to today and pays homage to all past Tiki Bars that live in our imagination.  The program presented by Mr. Meieran will highlight the intersection of the real and imagined with experiential dining, and the pursuit of introducing guests to new and exciting worlds.

Andrew Meieran is the Founder of The Neverlands, a hospitality company that designs, builds, and operates immersive and interactive dining experiences.  He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.  And he is a developer in Los Angeles with a vision for historical preservation and the future.


The Martini Kings

The Martini Kings will be gracing us with their Tiki dance and lounge tunes throughout the evening.  The band consists of gold and platinum award winning session musicians and has just released its 25th Martini Kings album “Greatest Hits” in celebration of its 40th anniversary!

Rum Sponsor

We would like to thank 9 North Rum for sponsoring our spiced rum for this event. If you enjoy the cocktails, make sure to pick up some 9 North Rum wherever fine spirits are sold.

Event Schedule

  • Doors open at 6pm
  • Martini Kings start at 6pm
  • Dinner served at 6:15pm
  • Program at 8:30pm
  • Program Concludes by 10pm

Commemorative Highball Glasses

Over the years we have been excited to help guests acquire unique and treasured Tiki glasses for their bars and cabinets at home.  We’ve offered a Mai-Tai glass, a traditional Tiki mug, and now we are are proud to present for your collection the 5th Annual Tiki Night Commemorative Highball Glass, and we hope with it comes an enjoyable story from your night.  The artwork was designed by Alec Shumate of Pen and the Sword, past President of the Adventures’ Club.  With only 200 produced, the limited edition glass is available for purchase at an additional cost to your ticket online, or at the door for an extra $5 bucks.  As you drown the intrepid adventurer in rum, we hope you’ll remember the Adventures’ Club of Los Angeles and all those called by the siren’s song to adventure. 

Attire for the Party

Break out that Hawaiian dress or shirt or come dressed to impress!  Whether themed in Tiki, explorer or something else, GO BIG!  It’s always fun to go the extra mile with amazing outfits.


This program was organized by Rich Mayfield, #1211.