SOLD OUT! 3rd Annual Tiki Night- In The Footsteps of Karl von den Steinen

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We are Sold Out and at capacity, no tickets will be sold at the door!!!


We are excited and honored to welcome Sven Kirsten as our speaker for the evening presenting “My Travels in the Marquesas Islands – A visual journey to the Heart of Ancient Tiki Culture”

When German Ethnographer Karl von den Steinen arrived in the Marquesas Islands in 1897, he realized he had come about half a century too late. Ravaged by the effects of Western contact, Marquesan culture was only a shadow of its former grandeur. Unperturbed, he set off to painstakingly research and record the art and customs of the Marquesans among the elders and remains of temple sites. The result, his three volume opus “Die Marquesaner und ihre Kunst” (The Marquesans and their Art), preserved this unique culture for the rest of the world and saved it from falling into oblivion. (Any parallels to this author’s work are coincidental)

The Marquesas also are where Herman Melville lived among the Taipee tribe, where Thor Heyerahl wrote Fatu Hiva, and Paul Gauguin found his resting place. Sven was fortunate to visit all six Islands in 2002 on the freighter Aranui and will share his images from the trip together with the rich material of von den Steinen’s rare books.

Sven Kirsten is a cinematographer and urban archeologist. It was this love for visuals that inspired Sven to collect and photograph the remnants of the forgotten culture of Polynesian pop in America, leading him to identify the Tiki as its icon. As a hunter and gatherer of lost artifacts and ephemera of this phenomenon, he began to see the pattern of a unique art form and decided to publish his findings in the “Book of Tiki” in September 2000. Four books later the cult of Tiki has made a spectacular comeback.

Music and entertainment for the evening will be provided by the world famous Hula Girls!

This is our 3rd Annual Tiki Night, one of our two biggest nights of the year! We promise a fun and fascinating evening in the museum-like setting of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles. This is a rare opportunity to experience nearly 100 years’ worth of history and artifacts. Tickets include admission, dinner, and a fascinating lecture. We will also have a band for entertainment during the evening and will have tasty tiki cocktails available! We will post updates as we have more information but BE SURE to mark your calendar for this popular event and don’t wait when tickets come online! We expect tickets to sell out quickly.

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We highly encourage you to don your best tiki or explorer attire for the evening. If you have attended one of these before, you know what to expect…if not, you should ask yourself what you’ve been doing with your life!

This program was organized by Ken Hudson #1206.