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Apr 2023

World-Class Adventurer, Born to Adventure Presented by Ramona Cox AKA SkyChick

This program was organized by Craig Caryl.

Ramona Cox’s passion for the outdoors, combined with a cultural curiosity, led her to travel to 50+ countries, with her favorite being the Blackwater region of Papua New Guinea.  At… Read More

Recent Programs

Organized by Phoebe Piper
Feb 2018, Casey Sheppard set out for a 30 day self supported, solo bike ride across both islands of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Even though an…Read More

Organized by Lance Miller #1222
Adam Ravetch – Is a Polar Cinematographer/Filmmaker for over three decades, and constantly in pursuit of one-of-a-kind cinematic challenges.  He is an Emmy Award winning…Read More

Organized by Craig Caryl #1230
My short video - Pacific Playground - is a compilation of recent freediving images I filmed off of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Coast in Southern…Read More

Organized by Phoebe Piper
Alyssa and Sabrina met in 2015 while competing on separate teams in the Rally Aiche Des Gazelles in Morocco, a multi-day off-road navigation rally without…Read More

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