Extreme Expeditions with James Michael Dorsey



Jim Dorsey, member emeritus #1081, spent almost two decades visiting remote tribal cultures across the globe. These journeys have led to his current two-year lecture series, “BEFORE THEY VANISH,” that will culminate with his next book.

Jim will reprise a program from almost ten years ago for the benefit of more than 100 new members who know little about his early work.

“EXTREME EXPEDITIONS,” will take you across the Sahara Desert of Mali with Tuareg nomads; to the summit of a live volcano in the Ethiopian desert under gunfire; to the bush of Western Tanzania, where he was used as bait by a hunter/gather clan during a baboon hunt; and finally, into the mine fields of Cambodia.

Jim will offer three of his previous books for sale.

Jim Dorsey has authored four books and more than eight hundred essays and articles for such publications as Lonely Planet, BBC Travel, BBC Wildlife, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, United Airlines, COLLIERS, California Literary Review, and Natural History magazine; besides being a contributor to several African in-flight magazines. He is also a cetacean naturalist with 26 years’ experience on the water among whales and dolphins. Jim is member #1081 of The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles and a fellow of the Explorers Club.


This program was organized by Andrew Medina #1212.