Elisa Kotin – A Journey Through the Real Indonesia

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Elisa Kotin

Yes, a Ladies’ Night
A Journey Through the Real Indonesia

Social hour 6pm, dinner is served at 7, program begins in Chase Hall at 8pm.

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Elisa Kotin

In one persona, Elisa Kotin earns her daily bread as an Event Planner. In another, Elisa has been a solo adventure traveler since she was 22. The first trip, two months in Europe expanded to include over 80 countries across all seven continents.

Elisa has experienced many types of adventure, including sky-diving, bungy-jumping, aerobatic flying, glacier climbing, white-water rafting, abseiling, ostrich riding and caged shark diving!

Elisa will be sharing one of her favorite countries with us. We will journey with Elisa through the real Indonesia including the beautiful islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes) and West Papua (Irian Jaya).

The island of Sumatra is a breathtaking, many faceted island. Elisa descended into the crater after hiking to Sibayak Volcano in Medan Berastagi. Elise will share her amazing photos of Sipiso Piso waterfall at the foot of Lake Toba and Sipoholon Hot Springs and extraordinary homes in the Ambarita Village in Northern Sumatra. In Western Sumatra Elisa adventured about Padang Sidempuan and the cultural center of the Minangkabau people of Bukittinggi.

Share an amazing story of how Elisa came not only face to face with, but actually got to stroke the hand of the 13 year old dominant male orangutan and then King of the Jungle, Kusasi. It is a touching and remarkable story. This experience in Borneo is one of Elisa’s most memorable travel experiences… ever!

In central Kalimantan, Elisa boarded a Klotok along the Sekonyer River for Tanjung Puting National Park and was greeted by an orangutan when docking at Camp Leaky. Elisa captured some fun photos of orangutans and some distant shots of the elusive Probiscus Monkeys. The floating markets of Banjamarsin are not to be missed! Balikpapan was the start of a river tour aboard a houseboat along the Mahakam River. Stops along the river included Melak and Tanjung Isuy to see the Mancong Longhouses where Elisa was welcomed by Dayak tribes in song and dance.

In Sulawesi, see the amazing houses of Torajaland in Tanah Toraja and see a funeral festival culminating in the sacrifice of a buffalo. Londa burial caves with skulls lining the floors sit at the bottom of a beautiful cliff. The last stop in Sulawesi is Ketu Kesu with the last of the hanging graves. Here an infant’s coffin sits between branches in a tree.

The highlight for Elisa and reason for this trip was to visit and stay with the Lani and Dani people in the remote West Papua formerly known as Irian Jaya. This is a region of the world you needed government permission to enter. The trip started with a visit to the police station upon landing. It was a fascinating week trekking high into the mountains from village to village. Hear how Elisa purchased a pig to feed a village and then witnessed the chief shooting the arrow followed by participation in preparing the feast. The Baliem Valley in Irian Jaya must be one of the most fascinating and cultural places left on the planet. Hear stories of these primitive tribes living off the land. Laugh as stories are told of how Elisa was given the gift of the chief’s special fur lined Koteka or penis gourd that hung on her wall for years.

Starting in Jayapura, the capital and largest city of the Papua Province and then strolling through the Wamena Market will take you back in time. But that is just the start. From an Ugem village leading into the Baliem Valley was like nothing Elisa had seen before. Elisa researched this trip for months. Although she had prior visits to Indonesia where she saw Prambanan and Borobudor temples in Jogykarta on Java and had visited Bali as well, this time she really wanted to delve into the real Indonesian culture… and she did!

Come share in this journey and be inspired to move Indonesia to your top 5 must see destinations in the world.

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