Request for Expedition Flag

An expedition flag is returned to the club complete with notes and signatures from the field.


Carrying a Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles Expedition Flag represents a 100 year old tradition of Members documenting their off the beaten path adventures.

It is considered a distinct honor and privilege to carry the ACLA Expedition Flag, and as such, it is treated with great respect, and certain criteria must be met.

To be eligible to carry the Expedition Flag one must be a Member in good standing and be prepared to organize all the logistics of the trip themselves or as part of a larger expedition.

The underlying intent is “off the beaten path adventures into little known and inaccessible parts of the world for purposes of acquiring useful knowledge for the benefit of exploration, scientific interests, treasure hunting, and/or high adventure”.

Guided group trips such as a cruise ship, photo safari based out of a lodge, a rafting trip down a popular river and other similar organized tours are not eligible for carrying the Expedition Flag. We do have similar smaller versions of the Expedition Flag, known as “Member Flags” that are great for photo ops in the field. These flags do no require an applicaiton.

Expedition flags are approved for members who are leading a significant expedition, or will participate on the expedition in a key leadership role. 

To apply to carry an expedition flag, it is recommended that you contact any member of the Expedition Flags Committee for guidance:

Request Procedure

  1. Complete the following application. Paper copies of the application can be obtained through a member of the Expedition Flags Committee.
    1. ACLA Flag Request Form (PDF)
    2. ACLA Flag Request Form (DOC)
  2. Return the completed application along with a refundable $500 deposit. Applications must be submitted 90 days prior to planned embarkation.
  3. The Committee will review the application and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  4. The Board will either approve or deny the request.
  5. The Secretary will notify the member of the outcome of the request.
  6. Upon approval, the Expedition Flags Committee will provide the member with an official Expedition Flag. This flag is to be carried on the expedition.

Upon returning, the member shall provide a report and any photographs to the Secretary for inclusion in club records.

The flag shall be returned to the President during the Annual Night of High Adventure following the date of the Expedition, or during any other meeting as the President may see fit.

Upon returning the flag and providing a report, the member shall be refunded the $500.