Who We are as a Club

The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles® is a private social club located at 2433 N. Broadway, Los Angeles at the corner of Broadway and Daly. Meetings are held every Thursday evening throughout the year except Thanksgiving and the last two Thursdays of the year. Open Nights are planned throughout the year and welcome all of those who love adventure.

The members of the Adventurers Club have only one thing in common. All are driven by the quest for a life less mundane.
We have no set criteria for membership because we all do something different, and we are united by the sharing of those experiences.
Our members have explored the cosmos, been to the deepest parts of our oceans, scaled the most impossible mountains, and crossed the most inhospitable deserts. What makes us unique is that we come together with frequency to share to enrich each -others’ lives with our stories and experiences.
This is no mere social club, but a true band of brothers, and a gathering of some of the most unique and fascinating people on earth.