Future Event Bookings

Date Topic RSVP Guest List Stream Link
09/28/23 ‘The Rickshaw Run’ - A Wild Ride Across India with Yasmin Sanie-Hay and Anthony Hay 11 Guest List Nfg_NKCHB_k?
10/5/23 2023 Annual Business Meeting- 1st Session 0 Guest List
10/12/23 Club Dark- NOHA Prep 0 Guest List
10/14/23 2023 Night of High Adventure 21 Guest List
10/19/23 Jade Adventures in Guatemala with Charles Carmona #1136 0 Guest List pOuId2oy2nM
10/26/23 5 Lessons Learned From Failed Adventures with Jesse Redheart 0 Guest List eFTgNe00Kt8
11/2/23 2023 Annual Business Meeting- 2nd Session 0 Guest List
11/9/23 Embracing Discomfort, Working for the United States Antarctic Program with James Graham 0 Guest List XTBoj53clMM
11/30/23 The Art Of Living Dangerously with Richard Bangs 0 Guest List UgyWJuI5gWA
12/14/23 2023 President's Holiday Party 0 Guest List
01/4/24 Not your San Andreas fault: The other tectonic boundary in California with Andrea Donnellan 0 Guest List KBsljwCns7I