Future Event Bookings

Date Topic RSVP Guest List Stream Link
04/25/24 Healing Through Adaptive Climbing with Kareemah Batts 2 Guest List cN7uxDa-Kes
04/28/24 Saving Cheetahs with Dr. Laurie Marker: A Cheetah Conservation Fund Fundraiser 22 Guest List HFbOtzMrPF4
05/2/24 Conservation, Culture, and Couscous with Azzedine Downes 5 Guest List GokTaFps0Bk
05/9/24 Reporting from the Fringes with James Pogue 0 Guest List Ql7VQuxFbTU
05/16/24 Raising a Russian Submarine in Plain Sight with Charlie Canby 6 Guest List eVHESzbKxhc
05/23/24 Echoes of Exploration with Erick Cedeño 0 Guest List 6UmKoT13N7o
06/6/24 Crossing Borders with Capt. Jim Goodrich 0 Guest List arJa6JTspMw
06/13/24 Planetary Adventures with Dr. Louis Friedman 0 Guest List hGrpCrl09tw
07/18/24 Sailing Across the Atlantic with James H. Lee, CAPT 4 Guest List phxhAU0_BGI
09/19/24 Extreme Expeditions with James Michael Dorsey 3 Guest List OJam6Kla3_U
10/10/24 Flying “Over the Hump" with Charles Carmona 0 Guest List YjODAr8M5Dk
11/21/24 Surviving a Tsunami with Monica Ribeiro Connelly 0 Guest List dLoEBxqr3zc