Expedition Flag – Danee Hazama 1014: Migration Theory of Southern Japan

The flag was returned at the Night of High Adventure October 28, 2017.

Expedition: Migration theory 30,000 years ago how southern Japan was migrated.

Concerning the expedition flag, the project will continue. We paddled using two reed bound boats to try to prove a 10,000 year theory of migration of how Japan was migrated from the the southern islands of the Okinawa prefecture. The current was so strong that it took us way north of our destination.

After the expedition from Yonaguni Island to Iriamote Island, the research team later went to Taiwan to seek out other methods of natural boat building. We had been told of a bamboo style boat that was built from the Amis tribal peoples and went to investigate. We soon took the bamboo boat out for a test paddle.

The expedition will continue to resume in the following years starting from Taiwan.

Our Airlines Air Tahiti Nui has sponsored me a plane ticket to LA in October so I have the opportunity to attend the NOHA 28 October. Although the Japan expedition of trying to prove a 30,0000 year migration theory in Southern Okinawain islands is not finished. I can temporarily turn in the expedition flag and give a BRIEF summary  of the project with a few images /video.

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