In the fall of 2020, the Adventurers’ Club was forced to shut its doors for the first time in it’s 100 year history. Rather than let the COVID-19 Pandemic silence the stories of adventure, the club began broadcasting weekly interviews with local adventurers. These are those stories-

May 2021

My Life as a Crash Test Dummy in Antarctica with Jeff Bozanic

With water temperature stable at 28.6oF, ice sheets 7-25 feet thick, and air temperatures plunging down to below -40oF, Antarctica provides a harsh environment in which to scuba dive. Yet… Watch the interview here!

Apr 2021

Building Swimming Pools and Relationships in the Arctic Circle with Paul Graves

From 2010 to 2015, Paul traveled to Inuit villages, across the Arctic Circle of Alaska, designing indoor swimming pools at local schools so that the village elders could help ensure… Watch the interview here!

Explorers of the Far West: The Mountain Men with Roger McGrath

The Mountain Men were the aristocrats of the wilderness, independent, proud, and regal in the manner of barbarians. They wore buckskin hunting shirts, ornamented with leather fringes and colored porcupine… Watch the interview here!

Treasure Hunting and Archeology with Bryan Kresie

Bryan Kresie, member #1186, started out relic hunting and metal detecting as a kid, which evolved into a history degree with an anthropology minor. In between teaching in Korea, he… Watch the interview here!

On the Road to Uncover an Extraordinary Holocaust Survival Story with Michael Nelson

In 1938, after Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass), German Jewish teenager, Eddie Willner, was sent to Belgium to escape persecution from the Nazis. That was the start of a seven-year… Watch the interview here!

A Life Aquatic with Kim McCoy

While many people are defined by a single event or passion in their lives, Kim McCoy has lived a diverse and interesting life of continuous adventure, much of which revolves… Watch the interview here!

Mar 2021

Cambodia's Legacy with Bill Morse

Cambodia has a long history of other countries' wars affecting the citizenry, including the United States and North Vietnam. They also experienced one of the world's most heartbreaking genocides committed… Watch the interview here!

Strange Technology with Joe Valencic

Joe joins us to talk about strange and unique adaptations of technologies to further scientific research and a few less-scientific applications. Joe's work extends to miniature camera systems, drones capable… Watch the interview here!

Running Across the USA with Type 1 Diabetes with Don Muchow

Don Muchow is a Type 1 diabetic, Ironman finisher and super-ultra distance runner. In 2018 he became the first person to complete the 339-mile Relay Iowa as a solo runner.… Watch the interview here!

Spy Pilot: Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversial Cold War Legacy with Francis Gary Powers, Jr

Gary's recent book, Spy Pilot: Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversal Cold War Legacy, helps to set the record straight in regards to the fake news that… Watch the interview here!

Feb 2021

Atlas Obscura with Dylan Thuras

Dylan Thuras of Atlas Obscura will highlight how to uncover remarkable “hidden gems” — the obscure experiences or locations that every destination possesses. Atlas Obscura has built a huge following… Watch the interview here!

Serpent Handlers of Appalachia with Eric Streit

Deep in the hollers of eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee, small congregations of rural churches prove their faith by speaking in tongues, handling venomous snakes and drinking poison. Snake… Watch the interview here!

Motorcycling in Myanmar with Ken Freund

  Ken Freund, member #1046, talks about his experiences in the exotic country of Myanmar. His journey across and around this little-visited country was beautiful and engaging. It was all… Watch the interview here!

Saving Jaws with Cristina Zenato

Cristina will share with us how her desire to protect sharks, started with a personal passion for a small group of Caribbean Reef sharks and how it goes beyond the… Watch the interview here!

Adventure on the Devil's Road with Todd Bruce

Documentary filmmaker Todd Bruce and his film crew (his son JT the director) spent two months and over 5,000 miles exploring the length and breadth of the Baja peninsula to… Watch the interview here!

Jan 2021

The Orangutans of Borneo with Carl Palazzolo, DVM

Join Dr. P as he describes what it is like to go to Borneo and work with the our distant cousins, the orangutans (this is an Indonesian word meaning “man… Watch the interview here!

Avoiding Regret: Treading the Offbeat Path in Deceivingly Familiar Territory with Sandi Hemmerlein

Sandi Hemmerlein spent the first 18 years of her life staring out the windows of her parents' house, not allowed to walk out the door, wondering what was happening "out… Watch the interview here!

Saving the Giraffes of Northern Kenya with Jenna Stacy-Dawes

Giraffe are one of the most iconic African animals. Unlike lions, cheetahs, leopards, and elephants, giraffes are uniquely African, found nowhere else. Historically their range extended over large portions of… Watch the interview here!

Discovering an Ancient Egyptian IKEA Manual with Greg Downing

Greg traveled to Gebel El Silsila in Egypt doing digital documentation for a French documentary called "Lost Treasures of the Nile." Along the way a few important archaeological discoveries were… Watch the interview here!

Dec 2020

An Artist's Adventures in Gyotaku with Dwight Hwang

For 20+ years, Dwight Hwang worked as a storyboard artist for both animation and live-action. The majority of his time was spent drawing the director's vision from within an office… Watch the interview here!

Haitian Vodou with Mike Clark

Deciding to go to Haiti really depends on what you are looking for. If it is Vodou you're after, you can find it anywhere on the island but ceremonies can… Watch the interview here!

Nov 2020

LIVING IN SPACE: How Space Stations Have Blazed the Path to Settling Space with Rod Pyle

Ideas about living in space date back to the 19th century, but it was not until the 1920s that people began to take them seriously. Author Rod Pyle offers an… Watch the interview here!

Scott Warner- Dredging Northern Alaska

Scott Warner left the comfort of Southern California to dredge for gold in Northern Alaska and explore Canada for the first time. He spent 2 months in Alaska dredging Deadman… Watch the interview here!

Oct 2020

Hiking the AT and More as a Type 1 Diabetic with Rich Mayfield

In 2011, Rich Mayfield, Member #1211, took a bus to Key West to start a journey that would ultimately last all year and take him across the United States. His… Watch the interview here!

Running for My Life in North Korea with Jay Nunn

It started with a Google search: "Interesting half marathons." Jay had been traveling to do some running races domestically: NYC Marathon, Key West Half, Big Sur, etc., and really enjoyed… Watch the interview here!

Journey to the Adventurers' Club with Reymundo Perez

What is The Adventurers’ Club Los Angeles? Reymundo learned about the Club in 2013 and after a long journey became a member in 2020.  It began after he finished watching… Watch the interview here!

Sep 2020

From Cairo to Capetown on Bike with Quincy Lee

Quincy Lee rode his bike from Cairo to Capetown, across the entire length of the African continent. His journey took him 11,500 kilometres through some of the planet's most unforgiving… Watch the interview here!

Paddling Down the Mekong River in Cambodia with Leon Shoenfeld

New Year’s Eve in Phnom Penh; two childhood friends join up with a team of young explorers and scientists preparing to conduct an environmental survey of remote tributaries and villages along… Watch the interview here!

Lost Tales and Mysteries with Dave Finnern

Are there local caves secretly dug by a Nazi spy ring? Is there a shipwreck that helped create a city? Was a mysterious unknown submarine accidentally dredged from the depths… Watch the interview here!

Deep into the Amazon with Alec Shumate

In October of 2018, Alec Shumate and a team of researchers and documentarians traveled to the border of the Vale do Javari Indigenous Reserve in the heart of the Brazilian… Watch the interview here!

Aug 2020

Herding Reindeer with the Nenets with Matt Allison

Surrounded by darkness and deathly sub-Arctic temperatures of negative 50 degrees, Matt Allison and his friend were huddled together in a wooden sled while being dragged violently across the empty… Watch the interview here!

In Search of Beringia and Devil's Island with Pierre Odier

Pierre Odier travels off the beaten path to remote corners of our earth so he can document vanishing minorities, endangered cultures, traditions, and historical landmarks. Pierre is an explorer who… Watch the interview here!

Alaskan Dogsled Expeditions with Phoebe Piper

At 20 years old, with no prior experience, Phoebe Piper left home to join the circus. This merging of work and travel brought adventure down to an attainable level. With… Watch the interview here!

Jul 2020

Tomorrow's Air Museum with Robin Petgrave

Robin is a helicopter pilot, entrepreneur, and Jamaican native. He started Celebrity Helicopters out of Zamperini Field in Torrance to fly for stunt men and Hollywood celebrities. Robin donates most… Watch the interview here!

Flying the U-2 Spyplane with Rob "Skid" Rowe

In his distinguished career as a military and civilian test pilot, Rob Rowe has accrued almost 10,000 flight hours and flown over 90 types of aircraft including the legendary U-2… Watch the interview here!

Flying the Most Feared Warplane with Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson joined Northrop Grumman in January 2004 as Manager of Flight Test Engineering for the B-2 Program at Edwards Air Force Base.  He has served in follow on management… Watch the interview here!

From Fighter Pilot to Test Pilot with Col. Hank Reed

Colonel Hank Reed, USAF (ret), has lived a life dedicated to excellence in aviation. From his time in the Air Force to his work as a test pilot at Nellis… Watch the interview here!

Filming Legendary Locations with Eric Streit

Eric Streit spent time traveling the world in order to produce episodes and segments for the Travel Channel series, "Legendary Locations." He too the show to Niagara Falls, various cities… Watch the interview here!

Jun 2020

World's Most Traveled Person with Bill Altaffer

Bill Altaffer, Member #1095, is arguably the world's most traveled person. Many members of the Adventurers' Club are well-traveled, however, Bill ranks among the most traveled people in the entire… Watch the interview here!

Below the Surface with Andre Navarro

Andre Navarro, is a Freediver, Ocean Videographer and Adventurer. As a teenager, he lived for catching big waves body boarding at Huntington and Newport during the storm swells. In his… Watch the interview here!

A 3 Year Trek Around the World with Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a prolific traveler. Working a corporate job in Seoul, he resigned and embarked on an open-ended three year solo adventure around the world. Along the way he… Watch the interview here!

Expeditions and Advocacy with Jim Dorsey

Jim Dorsey is an explorer and award winning author who has spent two decades visiting some of the most remote tribal cultures on earth. His driving goal has always been… Watch the interview here!

May 2020

Summer Vacation in Northern Iraq and Pakistan with Marc Weitz

Northern Iraq and Pakistan aren’t people’s usually choice for summer vacation, but for Marc Weitz, their edgy reputation and chance for adventure hit the spot. Hearing about these places on… Watch the interview here!

Adventures of a Deep-Sea Explorer with Richard Slater

The club's newest member, Dr. Richard Slater, will take us through his career diving around the world. From his start diving Laguna Beach, Richard went on to dive the nuclear… Watch the interview here!

Being the Adventure with Mike Escamilla

Mike Escamilla spent the last 25 years as a pioneer in the sport of BMX cycling. He has traveled all over the world and has over 60 countries under his… Watch the interview here!

Chuck Jonkey's Exotic Worlds and Sonic Safaris

Chuck Jonkey, Member #1026, is an adventurer, composer, musician, and filmmaker who transforms his wild experiences into sound, music and film. Chuck’s exotic adventures have taken him to the furthest… Watch the interview here!

Apr 2020

Earthwalk 2019 and the We Are Mother Earth Initiative with Jenny Carrington

In 2019, Jenny took a walk- from Delaware to Los Angeles to raise awareness of the SpARK 4 Humanity Initiative, which will deploy 400 Spark Pods around the world, making a measurable difference on our carbon emissions and our mindset for solving other climate challenges.Watch the interview here!

Misadventures in the Ancient Himalayan Kingdoms with Kendall Hudson

Kendall Hudson, Member #1206, discusses his trek with his wife through the Himalayas. In 2007, Ken and his wife Gloria embarked on a three week journey through some of the… Watch the interview here!

Classic Adventure with Rob Quist

Rob's first real adventure he counts as his trip to Europe in 1964. When he was 21 years old he took a 9 month trek hitch-hiking through Canada, the US,… Watch the interview here!

Bryan Kresie- Bagging Local Peaks

Bryan Kresie, Member #1186, brings us his stories of summiting the tallest peaks in the region. Anyone with a penchant for mountain climbing should tune in to get some great… Watch the interview here!

Buying a Sailboat with Matt Nadu

Matt Nadu, Member 1204 talks about his decision to buy a sailboat in search of adventure. Just past the honeymoon phase with his nautical bride, Matt will take us through… Watch the interview here!

Mar 2020

Diving Southern California with Stew Deats

At twelve years Stew went to Avalon on the S.S. Catalina, otherwise known as the Big White Steamship. He was with a couple of kids from middle school, no parents,… Watch the interview here!