Jim Dorsey- Before They Vanish

This program was organized by Jim Dorsey, Member #1081.

Jim Dorsey with warriors from the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia.

Jim Dorsey is an explorer and award winning author who has spent two decades visiting some of the most remote tribal cultures on earth. His driving goal has always been to make the world aware of these peoples before they vanish.

During this program, Jim will take us on a journey into the Sahara of Mali to meet the Berber nomads. Then we will explore Kanas, China, a magical land where mysticism and sorcery rule supreme. Next we will join a clan of hunter/ gatherers in Tanzania on a baboon hunt, and venture into the highlands of Papua New Guinea, the hereditary land of headhunters. Finally, we will climb the slopes of an active volcano in Ethiopia on a journey that almost proved fatal.

Jim has written for United Airlines, Colliers, The Christian Science Monitor, Lonley Planet, The LA Times, BBC Wildlife, BBC Travel, Geographic Expeditions, Hidden Compass, Panorama, Natural History, plus several African and Caribbean magazines. He is a foreign correspondent for Camerapix International and a travel consultant to Brown & Hudson of London.

Jim Dorsey’s latest book!

His latest book, Baboons for Lunch, is available on Amazon and his previous book, Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails, is available exclusively from Lulu.com. His stories have appeared in 20 travel anthologies. He has won 22 Solas Award categories from Travelers Tales and is a contributor to their “Best Travel Writing, Volumes 10, and 11″ and the Lonley Planet Literary Anthology.”

He is a retired fellow of the Explorers Club and member emeritus of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles.

Jim’s book, “Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails.”